Alexander is a member of the Russian Molokan Faith, an original branch of the Israelite Apostolic/Essene Religion. It is through this unique perspective that we will travel upon our journey of learning.

Molokanism is quite possibly the oldest existing forms of religion known to mankind; transcending thousands of years of human spiritual growth and development.  We are an isolated people’s scattered upon many countries and even continents; and yet, we hold dearly one to another as we ever work to keep this Faith alive in this constantly changing and evolving world.


We are a people hidden within the masses of humanity; the wilderness called “man”.

The term “Molokan”, is relatively a new one, given to our people by the Russian Orthodox Religion during our exodus from her clutches during the early fifteen hundreds. The term was applied as a derogatory remark by our opponents and used to portray a negative light upon those people who refused to partake of the official church rituals and fasts as prescribed by (the supposedly) Holy Order of Priests.

The Molokani adopted the term, which to them symbolizes a mature spiritual level of faith and understanding, the “Milk Drinker”, was one who drinks the pure spiritual milk of our Heavenly Father; not only from their interpretation of the scriptures but also through true prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We are the “Seers”, those who could see into the fantastic spiritual realms of the Living God that interacts with his beloved and trusted children.

Because of fierce persecution that our people have endured over the countless millennia, our Molokan Nation has become a people that live in a world literally hidden from the eyes of mankind. Very few outside of our borders have ever even heard of the Molokan; this has been our means of preservation…

As a consequence, I feel that this avenue has also become a detriment to our growth and proliferation. The most beautiful Faith in the Universe, is hidden from those who could benefit from its unique power and authority in the Holy Spirit, which is a tool of healing and teaching.

The perspective adopted by our Molokan Nation from the last century or two has been that one must be born into the Molokan Faith to be able to have an active part within our People’s life and destiny. Only those who have a direct physical blood-lineage could ever partake of its services and benefits.

But of course, this defies all logic or reason; no person could ever be physically born into a Faith; such an endeavor requires much more than simple physical birth. It encompasses a total commitment and dedication on a personal level; it incorporates personal growth, development, education, training, maturity, knowledge, experience, and inner spirituality, and must be overshadowed by the watchful gaze and power of the Holy Spirit. It is manifest through the prophetic gifts, that guide, reveal, bare witness, anoint, and bless each element of our existence, that propels one upon their prophetic journey of life unto what is deemed salvation.

This is the primary reason that I have built this website, I believe that there is only one True Heavenly Father, who is the ultimate Creator of the entire universe, with its billions of galaxies, planets, and life forms. In the meadow a diverse profusion of plant life, grasses, and flowers look up to be warmed by the one same sun, and are watered by the same warm summer rains that pour upon the fields teeming with life.

Thus is our Heavenly Father, looking down upon us all. We are from the same mold; the same ingredients form our constitution. What separates mankind are the philosophies into which we are indoctrinated; by those who are our leaders and teachers.

Governmental and Religious Dogma divide us…

Spirituality is the Force that can unite us…

After many years of study, and through countless thousands of volumes of historical texts, documents, books, and manuscripts; I have come to the conclusion that the creators of the doctrines, which are found within the Catholic Bible had a personal agenda, which was more valuable to them than true, truth.

The Vatican Library contains many thousands of manuscripts that were produced by the original progenitors of the True Christian Church of Israel, by Yeshua the Christ, his Apostles, Prophets, Ministers, Elders, and Leaders. Why have these been omitted from the Bible?

In Fact, only a couple of dozen books have been incorporated into what is called the New Testament; even these have been crucified and redacted beyond recognition by the secular priests of Orthodoxy and Catholicism.

The Real Question is Why?

We’ve all heard the news! But now we will explore the rest of the story…

By approaching a diligent study of history from many facets and angles, the truth is coming forth. Gold is worked from the earth by hard labor; picks and shovels are the tools needed to bring the precious metal to light; but it is the cauldron that brings it to fruition.

The fast food industry of greasy hamburgers and fries, are a far cry from the true culinary connoisseur of fine food, who blends a plethora of ingredients in artistic fusion to produce a delectable and aromatic feast to delight the human senses. Unfortunately, the Bible is such a fast-food book, produced by devious, naive and ignorant scribes who were more intent upon fulfilling the wishes of despotic emperors, and dictator tyrants, than the wishes of the Living God of the Universe.

We are in an Age of Discovery, and we have entered into what is called the Age of Aquarius: the Water Age. Fountains will burst forth from the earth to begin watering the dry parched tongues of humanity; the prophetic gifts will begin to flow, revealing the intrinsic details of God’s Heavenly Realms.

The Dry Bones will come alive…

The True Faith upon this earth, from the beginning of time, was the Faith of the Essene Masters; a religion which is many thousands of years old. A Mystery Religion that harbors and protects the powerful Gifts of the Holy Spirit of God, one which so few have ever had the privilege to be members of.

They are the Masters of Salvation, because they are the progenitors of Living Spirituality, teachers that not only heal the soul, they resurrect it to life…

We have choices and options!

We could continue believing and accepting the blatant disregard for God’s True Truth, that has been handed to the world by the opponents of the True Christ’s Church, or we could begin to explore the True Faith that was taught by the Messiah and his closest confidants.

The study of the Book called the Testament Of Joshua Ben Joseph The Messiah, is the first step to becoming free from the bondage of Satan, whose carefully laid plan has veiled the eyes with darkness, of so many millions of people.

Who is the True Christ?

Who is the one called the Anti-Christ?

A riddle and a mystery in one package…

The True Christ was known as Yeshua (Joshua) Son of Joseph, a Messiah of the True Nation of Israel.

The Anti-Christ is translated by modern day linguists as “One who is against Christ”,  but the truth of the matter is that the term “Anti” or “Ante” means the “First”, as in the “First Christ”.

Who was the “First Christ”?

He was known as the “Son of Zeus”, or in modern days “Je-Zeus”. He was the Babylonian/Assyrian/Egyptian/Roman/Grecian/Jewish God known and worshipped many thousands of years before the Israelite Messiah was ever born.

This “Son of Zeus” was born during the winter solstice on the 25th of December, from a sexual intercourse of the God Zeus with a virgin woman of earth. And of course, the rest of his story we find in the book known as the Bible.

I do not want to read about Zeus’s progeny, nor do I care about his Faith, Religion, Dogma, or Philosophy; nor do I want the Salvation that is offered through this impostor.

I want the True Truth!

I want to know who our Israelite Messiah was; and to study his Faith and Philosophy of Salvation. It only makes logical sense…

I have written numerous books, and articles some of which are offered on this Web-Site, I hope you will take the time to read the material that I have assembled for you, the Seeker of Truth.

The Modern Day Christian Faith offers a Church System that resembles a Theater; thousands sit in the pews as they watch a handful of individuals perform their ceremonies, and give their biblical instructions. The masses mumble along with the prayers, which are spoken, and hum along with the professional musicians and singers as they perform and entertain.

This could be construed as praise and worship. Every Pagan Religion was built upon exactly this same system from the beginning of time. Worship the “Gods”, even though we do not know who or what they are.

The Messiah Yeshua, as well as all Disciples of the Living Faith, knew that the approach to the True God was totally different than was portrayed in occult worship. The entire system revolved around the individual; there were no crowds or masses sitting around watching performers (priests, ordained ministers) fulfill their rituals.

The individual must build a true bridge between themselves and the Heavenly Father; this could only be accomplished by becoming proficient in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the prophetic gifts of the “Seer”.

The Church Body was there to help each individual attain a high level of spiritual stature, to act as a guide and a sounding board to make sure that one was constantly maintaining the true path with unwavering precision.

The Elders and Ministers were individuals, who have become perfected, not only through the elements of holiness attained through a pious living, but through the exercise of their prophetic gifts which reveal all mysteries of the heavenly realms, and expose all hidden secrets within a persons soul.

By visiting this website, and reading the study material provided through the books, articles, videos, and lectures, you will be given the opportunity to study the True Christian Faith through the eyes of a Molokan Prophet, who will reveal to you the True Foundation of Christianity as was originally established by the Eseene Masters, the first Christians of the True Messiah, Yeshua Ben Joseph.

Enjoy Your Studies And Your Spiritual Journey!!!

Alexander Baghdanov