A Great Mystery of Life

Sometimes it takes an act of God to create an awakening within an individual!

Such a moment took place in the life of Alexander Baghdanov…

Alexander grew up on a large farm in the Willamette Valley of northern Oregon. When Alexander was fifteen years old, on a hot summer afternoon, large dark thunderous clouds gathered overhead in what soon became a torrential thunder and lightning storm.

That very morning one of the milk cows gave birth to a brand new baby calf. In the terror caused by the storm, all the cattle rushed across the large pasture to find refuge in the barn, and alas, the baby calf was left alone in the field to become drenched in the ensuing rainfall.

After realizing what had happened, Alexander quickly ran across the field in order to bring the calf into the barn to its panicking mother.

   But unfortunately, as he was heading across the field, a dire event unfolded, which quickly culminated into a life and death situation.

It was one of those ethereal moments in life when time seemed to stand still. He watched helplessly as what appeared to be a “Hand of God” slowly descending from the dark and angry clouds up above. This bolt of lightning, about three feet in diameter came ever downwards, zigzagging across the sky like a poisonous viper looking for its victim. It was golden yellow in color, with a center core of pure white light.

At first it was heading downwards, as if to strike the earth in front of him, but at the last moment it bent into an upward motion and the last fifty feet or so, zeroed in to strike Alexander full in the chest.

In a heartbeat he was face down on the wet grass; pain ripped through his body as he convulsed from the unbelievable shock of the electrical bolt of electricity.

It felt as if his chest had exploded, and was ripped from his body, and strewn about in a thousand pieces. He could not breathe, and he could not feel his heart beating, and all too quickly he lost consciousness as darkness enveloped over him.

At this moment, there was simply no way to calculate time; it seemed to stand still for an eternity…

As he lay there, a certain peace came over him, and he felt as if his life was slipping away…

Then all of a sudden, Alexander heard a voice! It was coming from deep inside of himself; it came softly; it was barely audible, but it was there nonetheless.

It was a prayer!

Someone inside of him was praying!

He was calling out to God for him to spare Alexander’s life…

“Please Lord”, “Have mercy”, “Save Me”…

But it was a voice that Alexander did not recognize…

After what seemed an eternity, something truly amazing took place.

Out of the darkness, a brilliant light suddenly appeared, to land right in front of Alexander’s lifeless body.

And out of this light, a beautiful young woman appeared; she was simply a goddess in beauty and stature, who seemed to be about thirty years in age! Brilliant and bright in form, tall and straight, elegant and refined, long blond hair with a soft and gentle face!

She stood there looking upon Alexander for a few minutes; then she lifted up her face to the sky, and with a voice that sounded like melodious music, she began to petition the Living God of All Life.

Are you taking this young mans’ life”, she asked?

“Father”! “Do not take him, for I have many things for him yet to do and accomplish”!

“There are many things that he still needs to learn”!

“Place him under my care, and I will guide and teach him”!

“He will fulfill a very important work with his life, one which will benefit many countless people”!


It was at this time that he was finally able to grasp a breath of air, enough to fill his lungs; enough to stay focused…

And it was at this time that he actually began to call upon God himself, and said,

“Father of Life, I do not know you, nor do I understand who or what you are.”

“Look upon me, and upon my situation at this moment.”

“I do not know if I am dying, whether I will live or die today.”

“But I promise you, if you will spare my life, and allow me to live, I will dedicate my entire life to serving you to the best of my ability.”

“Give me the opportunity to learn of who and what you are, and allow me to find myself, of who and what I am.”


At that moment it felt as if an explosion had taken place within his chest! He could feel his heartbeat, and could finally breathe regularly. His head began to clear as the fog that blinded him began to dissipate, and he began to be aware of his surroundings.

He was completely drenched from the heavy rain, right to his bones, and then he slowly rose up to his knees and stayed in this position for several minutes while he stabilized and regained his balance.

His head was still reeling though, and his heart was pounding profusely, like it was going to jump out of his body. He was still shaking, but at least he could now consciously feel the pain in all the muscles of his body.

As he stood there on his knees, still reeling back and forth as if a drunkard, he felt as one who was resurrected from the dead, as if he was pulled out from the very ground below him.

To his exhilaration, “He was Alive!

He was still alive…

Jubilation filled his heart and mind, and he lifted his face upwards towards the angry sky; but there were tears in his eyes; they were tears of happiness and joy.

He lifted his face up towards the God of Heaven and Life, and he thanked him with all of his heart and soul…

And today! He realized a Great Mystery of Life.

Firstly! He learned that deep within his body was another person; someone who was his soul; a person that equally loved him; someone that truly cared for him and was concerned for his welfare.

And secondly! He learned that there was some kind of Being up there in the sky, who was alive; someone who could see us; someone that watches over us, someone that cares for us; someone who was approachable.

Someone that was a God!

A God of Life…

Today! Alexander was Born Again!

His mind was opened to a new reality; to a new understanding; to a new truth; with a new consciousness. For the first time in his Life he actually Prayed to the God of the Universe; and he learned that this communication was in both directions; him with God, and God with him.

From this day forward his life had changed immensely!

It was as if an Angelic Being had taken him by the hand, and this person’s responsibility was to teach, to guide, and to help him explore the true reality of this existence.

It was at this moment that he became aware of his “Prophetic Journey Of Life”, and that the world in which we live was not mundane, and full of pointless mediocrity, but it was a journey filled with exciting exhilaration; an exploratory life full of experiences yet to be discovered and explored.

He learned that each and every single one of us has a purpose!

That God has a plan that is just for you!

Our personal responsibility is to find that connection with God, and to begin living the Life that has been chosen for you…

At the age of fifteen, Alexander entered into what could only be described as the “School Of The Prophets”!

An amazing realm of Angelic Beings, assigned to work with mankind, became opened to him. This Beautiful Woman that Alexander calls the Holy Spirit, or “Mother of Life”, became an ever present companion, as she took him upon many journeys into the vast frontier known as “Heaven”, and of course into other dimensions that correspond with our own in which we live in.

Homework assignments by the dozens, where given unto Alexander throughout his lifetime, as she guided and taught him the mysteries of the spiritual realms, and trained him within the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit.

By the Age of thirty, Alexander was anointed and blessed within his church as an official “Seer”, as other higher standing prophets and spiritual leaders began to recognize his prophetic talents and gifts.

Alexander’s life is truly an amazing one, as he has dedicated it to the pursuit of True “Truth”, and in training future young men and women in the prophetic gifts, opening the doors for each to discover their individual “Prophetic Journey Of Life”…