“A Brief History Of The Apostolic Church”

“The Secret Of Israel” explores the history of an ancient sect of True Believers, who migrated into the Northlands of Russia and Siberia, nearly two thousand years ago, shortly after the fall of Jerusalem. Learn the story of these people as they developed and evolved to become the only Christian Sect alive today that have preserved the Dogmas, Teachings, Philosophies, and Format of Worship, of the original Primitive Apostolic Church of Israel.     (235 pages)




During the Great Advent of the Messiah, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit was spreading across the land amongst the people known as the Israelites. This was an era of Power and otherworldly Magic, as miraculous Wonders were performed on a daily basis.

During this era, many of the Holy People of God were registering these events that were transpiring. Literally thousands of manuscripts, documents, memoirs, and letters were penned that recorded in amazing detail, fascinating events of the Messiah, his Apostles, Prophets, and Church Elders.

These are priceless works of literary art that have preserved vital components of Christ’s Teaching concerning the Journey unto Salvation. Unfortunately, many of these valuable resources have been purposely undermined if not completely destroyed by the opposing factions, and only a few of these have survived the ravages of time.

The Testament of Joshua Ben Joseph, is a collection of forty four of these ancient documents, that represent the True Teachings concerning the future of the Holy Church of God, and the Journey of Salvation.   (1228 pages)




“Adorning The Bride Of Christ”

The Beautiful Creation known as, “Woman”, was chosen to become the representation as the “Bride of Christ”, depicting the Holy Church of God here on earth.

Her entire biological physiology, which includes every aspect of her mind, body, spirit, and soul, depict a Prophetic Synchronicity that encompasses the heavenly and earthly spheres of existence.

This Woman was to be set apart! She symbolizes the process of transformation, of our earthly body becoming a spiritual heavenly body; a member of Royalty; A Queen worthy of God’s Inheritances.

The Secret of Beautiful Womanhood reveals those secrets of the inner-soul of woman, for in fact, every soul in mankind is of the female gender. Our goal is to find this precious gem within us, and to love her…       (258 pages)




“Biblical Prophecies of The King Of Spirits”

“Maxim Gavrilovitch Rudametkin”

Powerful Prophecies were spoken by the ancient prophets of old who knew and understood the events of the future; some of these of course revealed the Advent of the Messiah, Yeshua (Joshua) Ben Joseph.

But there were also vital revelations given concerning a little known event, which was to take place closer to the “End of Days”, involving the “Paraclete”. The outpouring of the “Male Child” level of Holy Spirit upon the flesh of mankind!

These Prophecies fulfilled in the early eighteen hundred, in a little village high in the Caucus Mountains upon the descendents of the original Primitive Apostolic Church. And set into motion a new level of Power and Authority given through the Prophetic Actions of the Holy Spirit.     (375 pages)



“THE TRUE CHURCH Of God”                                  

“Defining The Inner – Circle”

“The Holy Elders Of  The Church”

“Know Ye Not That The Kingdom Of God Is Within”?

The Holy Church represents that realm that exist within each of us; that place where God Lives.

The book, “The True Church” of God depicts the necessary stages of preparation unto becoming God’s worker and messenger endowed with the Prophetic Gifts of Life.

It defines the, “Inner-Circle”; the “Holy of Holies”, which are the True and Holy Elders of God.

Are the elders building a place of Refuge for the citizens of New Jerusalem; a city founded upon Mt Zion? Or are they inadvertently deceiving them into believing in a false hope?

“The True Church” of God reveals the intricate details of self-realization, and establishes the important steps of development, and training that each member of the Church must undergo, as they progress in the expansion of the manifest Prophetic Gifts. (235 pages)




“Understanding The Secret Laws of The Universe”

There is only one law of God!

This is the Law of Love…

There are seven Laws of the Universe, which are the very Laws of Creation and Life. These are the substance of all that exist, and define the reason that everything exists the way that it does.

These are Spiritual Laws, and responsibility is given to all those who accept the variant modalities of spirituality, through the gifts of prophetic manifestation, to understand the very principals that form the very foundation of the power that moves within them.

Before you unleash the Power of Prophecy from your Body and Mind, it is imperative that you understand the consequences of your actions.

We are all creators; we create on a daily basis. But is our creative genius working in conjunctions with God’s ultimate Grand Design? Find out today!!!         (231 pages)


“THE BAPTISM”                                         

“The Secret Of Water And Fire”

The Lord left a Blue-Print of Salvation!

This design was to help each individual, find their place upon the prophetic journey of salvation. These signposts could only be seen with the spiritual eye, and read with the spiritual mind.

The Secret begins with your Baptism’s!!!

Each is a building block that advances the inner-manifestation of spirituality; creating the very foundation of your prophetic gifts. These are the tools that create and govern life; they are needed stepping-stones that guide your life to the True Heavenly Father.

The first Baptism is of Water, and is placed upon you at your birth. As you grow and mature the consecutive Baptism’s are transformed into Fire; endowed with the energy and power from the Holy Spirit.

Find out for yourself what these all important stepping-stones are, and how you could begin building your Prophetic Journey in Life… (158 pages)



“THE SECRET OF PARADISE”                           

“Become A Co-Creator In The Great Household Of Life”

The Messiah showed great compassion for the unfortunate and left behind citizens of society, and he made an invitation to all to become members of his unique and Holy Way of Life, which included two very important elements of Life. There was a cleansings process, which included the necessity of removing from ones life everything that was a detriment to your physical and mental health.

A sick body, created a sick mind, and without clarity of mind, it was impossible to chart the courses of destiny. The vast majority of mankind lives within a realm of negative energy, which is attracted to them by many factors that are regulated by mental and spiritual stimulation caused by lack of clarity and improper living.

The second avenue was to build your personal faith, based upon the true realization of your birth-right, and potential divinity, ensuring that True Blessings of Abundance and Prosperity will flow into your personal life.

Learn these vital secrets, so that you too can unlock those secret Powers of The Holy Spirit, which incorporate the positive energies of our Universe.              (97 pages)



“THE JOURNEY UNTO SALVATION”                       

“Creating Your Prophetic Journey In Life”

The journey of salvation begins when an individual learns to make choices, that are based upon the conscious awareness of their inner-man, that place called the soul.

This is a prophetic and spiritual adventure, of learning, developing, and transformation, as you begin charting your destiny, with clarity and purpose.

The goal is, “Spiritual Development”, based upon the manifest Prophetic Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Do you Desire those gifts for yourself?

Learn how you can create Your Prophetic Journey Unto Salvation…   (264 pages)



“THE LIVING PRAYERS”                                              

“Unlocking The Inner Power Of Your Soul”

In the study of the science of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics, it has become understood that the very thoughts, feelings, emotions, and understandings, that each individual conveys within their body, radiates as a stream of energy into the atmosphere around them.

When combined with the power of spirituality, and faith, it becomes clear that this energy is compounded, forming a powerful vortex, which disseminates vibrant particle beams; not only into the galactic fields, but into the heavenly realms themselves.

The book, “The Living Prayers” teaches the secrets of, ”Unlocking The Inner Power of Your Soul”, to become that living prayer unto our Heavenly Father.

(157 pages)