The Heaven Bound Soul

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The Heaven Bound Soul


A New Paradigm Is Announcing Itself To The World!

The truth that we understand and know is constantly changing! And our assumption about the nature of the world is also now in the process of change…

The new paradigm requires understanding, wisdom, and acceptance, a new knowing about who we are and why we exist! As humanity merges with this shift in consciousness, it will begin to alter the way we think, create, dream, and solve problems; it will begin moving us into a pattern of right action, the building of right relationships, and in creating right opportunities for ourselves.

In other words! The decisions and choices that we make will be overshadowed with a form of wisdom and intelligence that will acknowledge the truth of any given matter that is presented to us within our lives. Thereby creating a sort of buffer zone of protection, guiding us away from incorrect decision making, greatly limiting the mistakes that we could make that have the potential for negative and grave influences against ourselves.


We are all familiar with the Biblical story of Nicodemus!

He was a member of the official priesthood of Judean Orthodoxy and an Elder Pharisee of the recognized Religion and Faith of Israel.

He approached Joshua secretly in the night, so as not to be seen by his fellow Church-members, who would then accuse him of collusion with an individual who was labeled a heretic and enemy of the church.

But Nicodemus was bothered within his own soul! By all outward appearances Joshua may seem to be an adversary of the church, but he was most definitely not an opponent of the Living God of All Life!

In Fact! It appeared that he had God’s Fullest of Blessings upon himself, as the miracles that he performed proved his power in the Holy Spirit, and the message that he preached revealed the greatest wisdom that could only descend from heaven itself.

But the consensus of the Eldership of Israel was that he was a troublemaker, preaching and teaching falsehoods to the public causing a division within the church-body, bringing disruption and chaos to the established system.

But Nicodemus was moved and intrigued by this individual! In his heart he felt that there was something much more than met the eye…

There was a truth that resonated within his inner-soul that recognized him as a True Son of God, and a Prophet that was voicing God’s Will upon the people of Israel.

It took great courage for Nicodemus to approach Joshua, for his own life now lay in the balances! He had come to a cross-road in his own personal life, as he began to question the validity of his own Belief System…

He asked Joshua what was the “Secret” to his “Being”! And Joshua answered him, telling him that “He Must Be Born Again of Spirit and Fire from Above”!

But What Does This Mean?

How Can I Crawl Back Into My Mothers Womb To Be Born Again?


There is a fundamental illusion to Joshua’s message being taught today!

We are erroneously being instructed that we must “Believe In Him”, that he is the “Son of God”, and that he must be “worshipped and praised”!

That our Belief in him is all that is necessary to make it into Heaven, because the “Blood that he Spilled was given as a Living Sacrifice for our Sins”

We are now “All” forgiven; purified by his blood, thereby worthy of our acceptance into heaven…

But Unfortunately! This Was Never Joshua’s Message!

This is nothing that He or his Apostles, Elders, or Prophets ever taught, but was a belief system created by the Pagan Roman Religion of Babylon, of their replacement imposter “Son of God” known as “Ious Zeus Kris Stos”, the modern day person now recognized as “Jesus Christ”…

Yes! The imposter “Son of God” that the entire world is somehow trained to be on the look out for, because he will come as a “thief in the night”, bringing lies, deception, falsehoods, and mis-representation…

And Yet! The entire world will succumb to this illusion, even the very Elect Themselves…

Take a look around!

Look at the mentality and mindset of humanity!

And especially of Christian Humankind!

You will quickly recognize the “Fact”, that the Entire “Christian Philosophy”; “Life and Purpose”, is exactly that of the ancient Orthodox Religion of Jewry, from which Nicodemus was earnestly seeking to flee from…

A “False Messiah”, Religion and Faith that has the entire Christian World by the throat leading them on a journey that has no direction, purpose, or hope…

Because this Christianity has done nothing to bring its members closer to the “Birth of Spirit and Fire”, and creating “True Christ Consciousness” within their hearts and minds…

During the era of ancient Israel, the masses were all subject to the False Religion of Orthodox Jewry, with none being the wiser.

Equally so, the masses of today are part of a world wide systemic religion and faith that was born from these very same Orthodox Roots, to become a form of distorted Christianity unknown and unrecognized by the Original Progenitors of Living Faith.

And Yet! The masses are happy and content with their lot, not knowing or understanding that there is so much more to the True Faith that they are led to believe.

Consequently! The True Seekers of Truth! Those who want and desire an intimate relationship with the True “Son of God” are searching for this union outside the parameters of any organized religious structure, including Christianity.

For it has failed in producing the “True Journey of Salvation” for its members…


The True Children of God will be recognized, for they will embark upon a “Spiritual Life”, fully endowed with the Prophetic Gifts of the Manifest Holy Spirit.

And will experience a transcendental transformation within their entire physiology: heart, mind, body, and soul…

It is a living experience that truly forms the basis of a new mentality and mindset about every aspect of this reality. They will acquire a new life, and will search for a new truth, one that is not taught in religious textbooks, but is achieved through direct union with the God of All Life.

Those who attain this God Contact will inherently be drawn to fulfill Gods Holy Universal Laws of Love and Life!

They will recognize and know True Love, and the true vibration of love will flow through them and will emanate from them, bringing peace, harmony, wisdom, contentment, and unity with the entire universe.

The significance of this lifetime that you are experiencing right now, is to attain spiritual wisdom! With this wisdom our perception of truth and reality becomes changed, and our view of everything that surrounds us is altered…

It becomes the pathway to unconditional love…

All over the world, groups of people are preparing the earth for the coming of the Kingdom of God on this earth! By inviting “Christ Consciousness” into ourselves we are supporting the release of all thoughts that are not conducive with the Mind of Christ. By dismantling the “Ego Barrier” that permeates the mind of the masses, we begin to let go of fear-based emotions that inhibit our spiritual growth and development.

All of humanity seeks and desires perfection!

But perfection can never be fully realized as long as the mind holds within itself deep-seated fear that is being fueled by an egoistic mind! The fruit of this fear-based egoism is erratic thought that interrupts the very force field that emanates from your very being.

This disruption draws toward itself all forms of chaos, which literally manifests in every form of disorder: accidents, disease, violence, war, crime, etc.

But love is the very principal of spirit, with divine communication of spirit, divine love will blossom and materialize into a manifest form of perfection surrounding your life with peace, beauty, abundance, prosperity, wealth, happiness, success, not only in your physical life, but most prominently within your spiritual life.

With the application of love, all mental, emotional, and social problems dissipate!

When all beings begin to resonate with each other from the same frequency, coming from the same source, heaven will arrive to this earth.

Peace and joy will be experienced by all; True Freedom will come to all members of our planet.

But it begins with you!

“Christ Consciousness” is the doorway into a new humanity!

To establish the “Divine Order” upon our planet requires that we give un-conditionally of ourselves, and that we strive for that perfection within our own bodies.

It is with the influence of love that human conceptions are formed and transformed allowing for divine justice to be realized by all who subjected to this reality.

True truth and equity can only be fully attained when the very Mind of Christ is flowing within our own…

His Voice becomes ours…

His Plan and Purpose becomes ours…

His Journey becomes ours…

His Teachings and Doctrines become ours…

His Living Sacrifice becomes ours…

His Perfection becomes ours…

And We Become One With Him!

We Become the Messiah

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