Defining The Spiritual Experience

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Defining The Spiritual Experience

Spirituality is often misunderstood!

It is a concept that should be defined as working to be a true, “God-related” spiritual being; it is the development of your “inner-spiritual entity.” The highest spiritual level of achievement is one who has developed his or her true divine being to the point that their spirit is equal to the Holy Spirit of God.

Spirituality is the “God-related” discipline of developing and freeing the ‘God-made’ innermost being; the core of all of us is made in the image of God!

True God related spirituality is achieved by activating “scientific/quantum” modalities within your physiology, by applying spiritual teachings and spiritual techniques that allow ego to vanish in the fire of divine Love.

The ego-oriented (human/flesh) spirit, which could better be called “human intellect,” needs to be replaced by the living manifest Holy Spirit. These true spiritual teachings can only be affected by a connection to our innermost self.

Since all humankind is God made, humans have, at one time or another, the urge to develop their suppressed spirituality again. Spirituality is our “true nature,” and “spiritual development” is the most direct way to those solutions that result in living in a reality encompassed by complete “love and peace” throughout all creation.

We know that God is only love!

And that God is a Creator!

Because Love creates, it cannot destroy.

Partaking in anything that destroys, is an automatic act against the “Divine Nature” of God!

If Love is the basis of the act of creation, and God so loved us that he created heaven and earth, therefore we know that God only loves.

Love cannot co-exist with any other premise simultaneously; therefore, God is only love.

As spiritual beings in a human form, we are endowed with character traits that seem to contradict each other. Our spiritual state is perpetually grappling with our carnal, “ego” trait. The ego is essential to navigating the challenges in life, and yet, the ego is what gets us into trouble.

So we came from a “spiritual form” and developed an “ego” to grabble with the human requirements to live in this place called “earth.”

All life on earth serves but one purpose; developing our “spirituality”…

Again! To the point of being free of spiritual ignorance, free of selfish or destructive behavioral patterns, free to return to our eternal home in God.

True spirituality always leads to freedom in God.

Anything else, but God related development should never be called spiritual or spirituality. Many human actions lead in totally different directions, some away from God; worshiping idols, for example!

This action places the focus on dead, inert objects that have no life within them whatsoever! It is absurd to put hope or trust in a physical object; the very act leads us away from the true journey of salvation that of finding that kingdom that exists within each of us as divine beings, children of the Most High.

And by depicting God as a punishing God, who is standing with a check sheet watching our every transgression, sending us to hell if the list is too long or egregious.

The real intent of religion or churches is to support, promote, and teach true spirituality amongst all mankind; this has failed in most religions!

The development of true God related spirituality is under “direct supervision” of God through manifest spirituality and is genuinely free from any religious, or church, dogmatic jurisdiction. While some churches may have spiritual groups, which have proper spiritual teachings, most have long ago started “ego-oriented doctrines,” which abuse the teachings of the Messiah! Teachings, such as “God punishes sinners;” or that we need to live by the “letter of the Jewish law.”

Development of true spirituality is free of any church delegated religious premise!

God has no religion!

God is pure, “Holy Spirit”!

The ultimate healing of spirit is accomplished when you become “One with God” due to proper spiritual development. That means true spirituality is achieved after oneness with God.

This level of spiritual connection with God is generally attributed to those attained by Prophets, Gurus (teachers), or Avatars (advocates)!

However! I believe that one can achieve this level of oneness with God even though they do not reach the distinction of either Guru or Avatar.

One achieves the distinction of Teacher and/or Advocate because one chooses to be an instructor of high-level spirituality.

The highest level of spiritual perfection is when one develops the Prophetic Gifts of the “Seer,” through the “Male Child Level of the Holy Spirit”…

The gift of sight that blends our reality with that of the “Heavens”!


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