Father Isaac

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As we sit and reflect on the Life and times of our most ancient and Holy Patriarchs, we come to realize that much of what they speak, say, and do, is given to us in a parabolic form!

There are messages within the messages!

Stories within the stories; interwoven in a mysterious language that overlays upon itself wisdom and knowledge that can never be fully realized until one begins to unlock the very depth and immensity of God’s Mind itself.

But how does one set upon the journey to unlock the “Secrets” to the Mind of God?

Where does one even begin to look?

Of course! The first reaction is to say that we must look to the Bible!

All wisdom and knowledge are contained on a few hundred pages, written in black ink, provided to us by a Giant Corporate Religious Institution that for some reason was chosen by God himself to represent him here on earth.

Despite the dubious history of this somewhat “Un-Holy Church” of God, what with the untold and unending devastating atrocities attributed to its very foundation as a religion and Faith! For some reason, we are supposed to trust in its never-ending project of changing, redacting, and altering the original narrative as was penned by the Patriarchs themselves.

It would seem to even the simplest minds of humanity that what we are reading in our Holy Scriptures is akin to dry, lifeless, (possibly even worthless) pre-packaged factory food produced to look and taste good! Despite the fact, all nutritional value has been eliminated and destroyed.

And on top of that, then doused with a concoction of chemicals and preservatives to keep it from spoiling as it lays upon open our Altar Tables for reflection and study over the course of so many hundreds of years!

But when we do study the lives of our Spiritual Patriarchs, we see a glimmer into their minds! We begin to see the pattern that has been established from the mists of time as they systemically searched for a truth that rose far and above that of common mankind.

Even the wisdom teachers and philosophers were limited to the vernacular of their own carnal minds!

The physical eye and the material mind has its limitations, and even amongst the greatest of schools of thought, the unified and coalesced mind of man is simply a drop in an endless sea, which to the mundane looks pretentiously frightening and foreboding.


One of the most important stories recorded within the Old Testament of the Bible was the story of Abraham taking his Son Isaac upon a journey to a mountain for a “Sacrifice”!

A three-day journey into a vast desert wilderness!

A large mountaintop; stones that needed to be assembled, with a fire burning within its Altar!

Isaac was asked to lie down upon this Altar, as Abraham lit the Fire and placed a sword upon his body.

When reading this particular story in the Bible, it is presented to us as if an allegory to the Coming of Christ several thousand years into the future.

Isaac represents the “Child of Promise,” produced by the womb of a “Barren Woman.”

In her old age, she conceives, and the child is born.


When we study the ancient writings of the Patriarchs, the Prophets, the Wisdom Sages, the Apostles, and even Christ himself, we see that they speak and write in the form of poetic prose.

Much is given in parabolic form and symbolism, interlaced with prophetic revelation and exposition, revealing a much deeper story than one would witness on the casual surface.

Let’s examine some of the basics of this prophetic text to see if we could glean a little more insight into the valid underlying message given to us spiritual hopefuls! Who lifted our individual staff, eager to begin our celestial journey into the heart and mind of “Christ Consciousness.”


The first question, which must be asked in this parabolic imagery, is “Who is Sarah”?

Out of Abraham’s entire “Harem,” Sarah was the only one chosen to carry the “Seed of Promise.”

When studying the Life and history of Abraham’s man, it is clearly noted that he had many wives and an untold number of children who were all a part of his family, blessing, and inheritance!

But out of all this multitude of people, only one who would carry within her womb the “Seed of Promise,” of a special “Man-Child” that would be born carrying within them the very “Inheritance” of the Father from Heaven himself.

No longer are we speaking of the inheritances of our earthly plane!

This is not regarding our physical Life within our three-dimensional reality!

The “Seed of Promise” cannot concern itself with nation-building, military conquests, economics, politics, or any other part of basic human civilization.

This unique “Kernel of Life” takes us into another otherworldly dimension, where we are to merge with the “Heavenly,” fusing our hearts, minds, spirits, and soul with that of the Heavenly Magistrates…

Sarah represents the “Holy Church,” set apart from “All” other Churches, Faith’s, Religious Institutions, and Belief Systems!

She embodies the Beauty of perfection, that of a member of the Royal Court!

A Princess! Nay! A Queen…

The Mother Supreme…

But there is only one despairing flaw!

She is “Barren”! Her womb is wounded and cannot conceive Life within its chalice…

Sarah lives her Life interwoven into the Life of Abraham’s extensive family! Many of her sister-wives are much older than her, who have children that are quite possibly only a few years younger than herself.

It is clearly evident that Abraham has set Sarah apart from all the other Women, with special favors being shown to her alone. Somehow hopeful that she would give him a “Man-Child,” far and above all his other progeny…

Abraham’s first fifty wives represent the masses, the simple-minded believer in a God that no one has ever seen or heard! These characterize the millions of churches, temples, synagogues, and religious centers that literally stand on every street corner upon our planet.

A religious servant!

A devout member of a Religion and Faith…

An individual who reads their scriptures earnestly and attends their religious cloister religiously, entirely dedicated to the laws and commandments prescribed by the masters of their Faith.

Their “wombs” are not barren; they produce future members of their culture, society, religion, and Faith with relative ease.

But something is missing!

And this crucial element separates all these women from the “One True Royal Dynasty of Abraham” that is the “Seed of Promise”; the Inheritance of True Everlasting Life…

For this “Seed of Promise” to be placed within the Womb of Woman requires Divine Intervention from God Himself!

The “Womb” can only be purified, prepared, and healed by the interaction of the Holy Spirit working within the very body of the “True Woman Clothed in the Sun”…

And the essential element of this project is that the “Man-Child” power of the Holy Spirit is what places the “Seed” into the body of “Sarah.” A Holy Spirit of the “Male Gender,” which descends from the heavenly realms above…

Of course! A question arises!

What is this “Man-Child” Holy Spirit?

And what is the corresponding relation to its “Female” Holy Spirit?

We must realize that in the True Church of God, the Manifest Holy Spirit’s apparent Power is active and functioning in its fullest capacity.

It represents a Church Body that is over-shadowed by the living embrace of Prophetic Activity, Revelation, and Spiritual Guidance through an ongoing and never-ending process of oracular and spiritual movement.

The “Church’, which is the “Mother,” gives birth to her children; this is the congregation of the faithful.

These babies are fostered within the very heart and soul of the “Body of Christ” it comes in the image of the Woman: Lover, Mother, Sister, Friend, and Companion to the Husband…

The babies are nurtured by the very breast of the Woman; this “Milk” represents the “Female Holy Spirit” of the “Mother-Church,” as she guides her aspirants on a journey towards attaining salvation.

This “Holy Milk” does not represent the reading of biblical scripture, as many would believe; the written word is represented as dry, lifeless bread, upon which the toothless child can only choke upon to their own detriment.

The “Holy Milk” can only flow to fill the tummy with warmth and nourishment when the Holy Spirit works within the church-body through revelation, prophecy, and spiritual activity.

It is “Action” and “Interaction”…

Here we are taught to believe in the Voice of the Holy Spirit, as she teaches and guides us through our evolutionary developmental stages of Life…

“Sarah” represents the True Holy Church!

The Living embodiment of True Faith and Religious Service unto the Heavenly Magistrates from above!

Even though this Church is alive with function, fruition, and spiritual action, Sarah is still shown to be a Woman who is still Barren; childless; with a wounded womb.

Why is this so?

Because all of the Children produced by her and all her Sister-Churches are all of the “Female-Gender!”

“All” members of the Church, regardless of their physical gender, are automatically shown and revealed to be of the “Female Gender!”

Because the “Soul” of man is “Female”…

And it is the “Soul” that is nurtured during its infantile stages within the Church-Body…

But as this child grows and matures, it is then handed over into the hands of the “Father,” and the child enters into the “Man’s World”, represented by Father Abraham.

But to enter into this “Man’s World” requires the “Right of Passage”; it is the “Bar-Mitzvah” of Jewish Tradition.

It represents the “Age of Enlightenment,” when the child no longer thinks and acts like a child, tied to the Mother’s apron strings, but is being released into the mature adult stage of Life, as the now young man enters into the age of accountability.

And we must understand! That our actual physical age is of no merit whatsoever! No person is automatically qualified to enter into “Spiritual Adulthood” simply because their physical body is aging and maturing in our physical plane of existence.

The only “Rite of Passage” that can take us into the higher levels of growth and development is the process known as the “Baptism of Fire,” which represents the entrance into the Holy of Holies; a place that can only be accessed by passing through the “Veil of Separation.”

For this conception and birth to occur within the Womb and Body of Sarah, there has to be an Intercourse with the Divine Power of the “Male-Child Holy Spirit”!

For this process of “Immaculate Conception” to occur, it requires the presence and action of “Christ Consciousness” within the Church Body.

This is the Final and True Measure of whether or not the Corner Church, scattered upon every neighborhood of the entire globe, is a Church of God or simply a “Church of Man,” worshiping his physicality instead of his divinity…

The True “Message of Isaac,” which is depicted in symbolic allegory, has little to nothing to do with a Christ Messiah’s future coming!

This message is for you as an individual reaching the horizon on your own inner-Temple of Faith.

This Altar already exists within you!

You must lie upon it to be burned and purified by its Fire, as you enter into the Higher Reaches of Prophetic Depth and Maturity.

You are the Living Sacrifice!

You are the Holy Oblation and Gift Offering!

You should be Conceived within the Womb of Sarah. You must travel through her Birthing Canal to enter into the Higher “Male Child” dimension of Spiritual Enlightenment of “Christ Consciousness” to be allowed entrance into the Holy Chamber of the Living God himself.

The “Baptism of Fire” is the passport given each postulant on their journey of growth and development, as they release the hands of “Mother Sarah” and take hold of Father Abrahams’ to wander across the wilderness.

The Sword placed upon Isaac was not held as a weapon to cut the throat, as some would believe.

The Sword represents the Gift of Prophecy, Revelation, and Divine Intervention. As “You,” the New Born Child of Fire, begins to receive your Blessings and Anointings from Father God himself as you journey upon your own personal prophetic journey of Life…


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