An Eagle Of Three Heads The Secret

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three head eagle

An Eagle Of Three Heads The Secret, of Your Prophetic Journey in Life…

As I have mentioned in previous articles, the populations of the world have been subjected to human authorities, both political and religious, which have wreaked havoc upon man’s rights and principals of freedom; through the volition of bias and prejudice brought about because of doctrinal beliefs and practices.

If you were to look beyond the song-and-dance; smoke screens, flashing mirrors and the illusions portrayed by bias driven, recording of historical chronology, by the official governmental indoctrinators, you would find a singular cause of the worlds perpetual unrest; that of religious prejudice. Even our most recent World Wars, were fueled by the Crusade Mentality.

Hitler and his closest inner-circle hierarchy were Catholic Jews! He was placed into political Power by the big money people of America and England (again, Catholic Jews) for a specific reason; to bring war to Europe.

But what was the purpose of this war?

There are three heads to the symbolic Roman Catholic Eagle:

Roman Catholicism, Greek Orthodoxy, and Russian Orthodoxy.

Russia’s government was extremely loyal to the Patriarch of Russian Orthodoxy; the two worked hand in glove, each benefitting from the other. Russian Orthodoxy had an alliance with Greek Orthodoxy, which went back almost one thousand years, established during the Byzantine Era.  The Royal priesthood made sure that the vast human populace was extremely loyal and obedient to the political dynasty; and the political dynasty took great strides to be sure that the Orthodox Church was the dominant Religion of the Country.

All those who opposed this symbiosis were deemed heretics and traitors to God and to the country.

In the late Eighteen hundreds, the Zionist Jews made an attempt to depose the Russian Tzarist Regime in order to become free from the Suppression of the Orthodox Church placed upon Kazzarian/Ashkenazi Orthodox Jews; they succeeded, and believe it or not, they received money and support from the Roman Catholic Church in this endeavor.

Unfortunately, for the Roman Catholic Dynasty, all did not fulfill as was planned, the Jews had their own version of what freedom meant.

Instead of giving the reins of authority to the Russian People, as the Russian Peasantry had hoped, the Kazzarian/Ashkenazi Jews gave the Reigns of Authority to the Georgian Peoples, a cultural remnant that descended from the Byzantine Religious Hierarchy of the ancient days. The Kazzarian/Ashkenazi Jew were a distant relative of the Georgian Peoples, who have had long held animosities against the True Russian People.

The Georgians, namely Joseph Stalin, and his close inner-hierarchy (who were all Georgians), became loyal to no Religious Dynasty; they chose not to pursue an affinity with the Roman Catholic Church, as was planned. Instead, they created Communism, and went on a rampage of eradication of the Orthodox Dynasty. Close to a million priests were executed by firing squads, and the churches were simply laid bare.

Atheism was the new religion!!!

The Catholic Church, and her loyal protagonists went on their own rampage.

With a little patience, and a few billion dollars worth of investment into the military cartel of the United States and Germany, war was brought to Russia in order to bring her into subjugation of Roman Catholic Rule. But once again! This war did not accomplish its desired result. Which simply means that this topic has not been brought to a close.

After nearly seventy years of Communist Rule, the Russian people were finally released from the subjugation of Georgian Elitists, and the country has entered into the modern age of democratic rule for its people; with this came a sort of freedom of religion; at minimum, a tolerance.

After only four decades of “Perestroika”, Russia today is feeling a great pressure to succumb to the Religious Authority of Roman Catholicism and the new European/American version, of the NWO (New World Order).

With the NWO organization, it is required that all nations declare their allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church. Russia does not want to join the New World Order, and it does not want to be subjected to Roman Catholic Rule; because of this, the nation is working diligently to reestablish the Russian Orthodox Church as the Official State Church of Russia, which will tolerate certain Protestant Sects as long as they do not grow and expand their territories to any great degree.

As you could tell by studying past history, it would probably be a safe bet that a “World scale War” could be possible in the near future.

This was the primary reason that the Nazi German Political Party was bent on eliminating the Kazzarian/Ashke-“nazi” Jews; they posed a bona-fide threat to the Catholic Power and Economic Structure in Europe.

The Three Headed Eagle is evolving into a New Dynastic World Power!

In the early centuries of Catholic/Orthodox World Rule, this alliance was shared by three independent world powers that worked in unity to control the three most vital elements of political governance: Economics, Religion, and Military Might.

These three elements were divided by the three branches of the Catholic/Orthodox Hierarchy. Unfortunately, these three were embroiled in a constant internal squabble about who will become the One Supreme Ruler of all Three Branches ensuring the dominant position. Greek Orthodoxy has all but been brought to her knees by the European Community through a controlled economic undermining leading to bankruptcy of both Church and State, that has virtually stripped her of wealth and political support. In Western Europe, Roman Catholicism has the Dominate Position of Religious Control over the people.

With the NWO Organization in place, the Three Eagles are now:

  • England, which controls the worlds banking and economic systems;
  • America, which controls the worlds Military Systems,
  • And the Vatican, which controls the Religious Indoctrination Systems of the world, including Protestantism.

These three heads, in a combined symbiosis, Rule the World…

The average person simply does not care one-way or the other! But those with a spiritual mind, dream of a Utopian Era of True Peace and Love upon this planet for earth’s citizens!

It is not possible to change the Agenda of the Elite Rulers, who are unwilling to give up their economic, cultural, and military rule of the masses; and more importantly, this is not our job. As Spiritual and Prophetic Light Workers, our responsibilities lie in the awakening of the Prophetic Gifts within those individuals willing to set themselves free from those shackles of earthly bondage.

There is a wilderness upon this planet called the “Wilderness of Man”; it is possible to become lost to the masses simply by living lower than grass so to speak. Our endeavor is to find the Kingdom of God within us, and to develop the Spiritual Prophetic Gifts of the Holy Spirit that can lead and guide us through the darkness of humanities ignorance.

The Holy Laws of The Universe are vital tools given by God to be utilized in the creation of our Destiny, and our future. They hold the very keys that harness the covering of protection from earth’s calamities, and man’s impending violence.

This is the Secret, of Your Prophetic Journey in Life…


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