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Father Isaac


As we sit and reflect on the Life and times of our most ancient and Holy Patriarchs, we come to realize that much of what they speak, say, and do, is given to us in a parabolic form!

There are messages within the messages!

Stories within the stories; interwoven in a mysterious language that overlays upon itself wisdom and knowledge that can never be fully realized until one begins to unlock the very depth and immensity of God’s Mind itself.

But how does one set upon the journey to unlock the “Secrets” to the Mind of God?
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An Eagle Of Three Heads The Secret

three head eagle

An Eagle Of Three Heads The Secret, of Your Prophetic Journey in Life…

As I have mentioned in previous articles, the populations of the world have been subjected to human authorities, both political and religious, which have wreaked havoc upon man’s rights and principals of freedom; through the volition of bias and prejudice brought about because of doctrinal beliefs and practices.

If you were to look beyond the song-and-dance; smoke screens, flashing mirrors and the illusions portrayed by bias driven, recording of historical chronology, by the official governmental indoctrinators, you would find a singular cause of the worlds perpetual unrest; that of religious prejudice. Even our most recent World Wars, were fueled by the Crusade Mentality.
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