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The Nature of the Sacred Heart Flame

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The Nature of the Sacred Heart Flame

Within each of us exists a place for a divine flame; it is an ember that must be nourished and guarded. Let us explore the spiritual nature of this source within your heart.

If you ever feel warmth in your heart, such as a feeling of peace, love, joy, or delight, then the indwelling Spirit is touching you! This is the Presence of Divine Beingness; the very Sacred Flame, which has been enkindled within your heart.

You may feel this upwelling Spirit while you are in prayer or worship; or while quietly meditating or partaking in other devotional activities. You might feel it while walking down the sidewalk or strolling through a park, simply enjoying nature’s beauty. You may be doing household chores, or you may feel it for no logical reason whatsoever, which may be quite often.

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