The Nature of the Sacred Heart Flame

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The Nature of the Sacred Heart Flame

Within each of us exists a place for a divine flame; it is an ember that must be nourished and guarded. Let us explore the spiritual nature of this source within your heart.

If you ever feel warmth in your heart, such as a feeling of peace, love, joy, or delight, then the indwelling Spirit is touching you! This is the Presence of Divine Beingness; the very Sacred Flame, which has been enkindled within your heart.

You may feel this upwelling Spirit while you are in prayer or worship; or while quietly meditating or partaking in other devotional activities. You might feel it while walking down the sidewalk or strolling through a park, simply enjoying nature’s beauty. You may be doing household chores, or you may feel it for no logical reason whatsoever, which may be quite often.

You cannot limit how or when it will come.

The burning flame is always present, but you do not always feel it. However, through various disciplines and meditative practices, it may become more regular because you are becoming more receptive and attuned to its reality.

The yearning heart, through such devotional practices, will readily increase by its own nature of unfoldment.

After such regular practices and centering into God’s Presence, experiencing the Sacred Flame in the heart will become a common occurrence. Soon you will have only to think about the Sacred Flame burning within in order to feel its warmth, its bright glow deep inside your soul.

Usually, it is after countless times of practicing meditation and certain spiritual exercises that will prepare the unfolding soul and allow for such automatic responses. However, when it comes up unexpectedly and spontaneously, such times would be opportune for you to enter into meditation and focus on the upwelling flame within, to go more deeply into the blossoming experience.

Realize that your efforts are essentially putting you in the right place at the right time because these experiences always come due to God’s grace. If your spiritual sight has been developing, you may attain that level where the Sacred Flame may become visible to your spiritual eye.

When this occurs as an illuminating experience, which you may encounter several times on your path, you are beholding the indwelling “Light” of the “Christ.”

This is experienced not only in the heart but also on many levels of your being. This is a genuine visual experience; it is a gift of Light, but explaining the details of exactly how this looks like may be tenuous.

For one reason, these mystical experiences are usually different for each person, for it is a spiritual fact that everyone experiences life differently; likewise, every aspirant experiences spirituality somewhat inversely.

Another reason is that giving explicit details about what a particular spiritual experience should look like would only plant premature seeds into your subconscious, which could create false experiences.

This is why many mystical schools hold certain spiritual secrets from their beginning students until they are ready for the next level. This may seem like a paradox because it is true that the Truth must be revealed to all, although this process is an eventuality, for not all are ready.

Only the pure of heart, and mind, and soul can begin receiving the sublime Truth of God.

Remember! Truth is simply a perception…

There are thousands of facets, concepts, and levels. We all partake of Truth to varying degrees, but we are not all on the same plane.

The True Truth is not that which we learn from others; it is the Truth that comes directly from the very source of all life, which is our Heavenly Father/Mother Being. The journey begins when we enter into that realm within ourselves; the books of life can only be read once we learn the language of the Gods

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