The Greater Mysteries Of Esoteric Faith

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These Esoteric Teachings encompass both the Lesser and Greater Mysteries; however, the former is more prevalent because it is much easier to communicate since it is more digestible for the human intellect, whereas the latter must be intuited and realized within your own being.

The seeds are in the Lesser, which will sprout forth, grow and blossom into the Greater as one’s consciousness expands.

One leads to the other…

One is the door; the other is that which lies beyond the door. But if you merely stop at the door and go no further, there will be very little inner unfoldment. Unfortunately, certain religious dogmas prevent people from taking the next step.

The very concept of Greater and Lesser Mysteries are symbolic references in order that the finite human mind may more easily comprehension the Teachings. The Lesser Mysteries are aspects of a vehicle that shrouds the inner teachings of truth in mystery, allegory and symbolism.

But the actual Greater Mysteries refers to the penetration of the deeper Divine Wisdom that only intuition realizes, beyond all symbolic forms and comprehensive ideas. For the real truth is a matter of experiential spirituality, not merely intellectual comprehension.

Only through the well-developed intuition, realization, and mystical experience can we witness the real Divine Wisdom. On such a Mystical Path as this, many have reached this higher realm of realizing the Truth. For this reason, the Ancient Wisdom Teachings can never be suppressed.

Truth will always demonstrate itself throughout time and through many mystic sages and teachers and traditions. But we need to know where to look, and we need to know “How” to look.

We can read great spiritual literature, but when we learn to go within for true Wisdom, here is the real source of Truth. This can be achieved through continued disciplines and practices, for when you learn to listen within through meditation, you will penetrate an inner knowing of truth, which many mystics call gnosis, or Divine Wisdom.

This inner gnosis is the true source of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

Countless written teachings in the esoteric fields or other philosophies have been virtually lost, mostly due to persecution. Great literature and libraries have been destroyed or burned in past ages, and this is unfortunate indeed.

In particular, the destruction of the Royal Library of Alexandria was considered a great loss, which historians estimate once housed anywhere from five-hundred thousand to one million scrolls. However, if all the ancient scrolls or manuscripts and sacred scriptures, and all the important books on spiritual and esoteric teachings and the great sciences in the world had been completely lost or destroyed, many people would panic and grieve the great loss; but ultimately, it simply would not matter.


Because as long as we have Initiates and Teachers who can tap into the true Divine Wisdom, the gnosis which is not hidden from us, we shall always have the True Teachings.

For the Truth is One!

Then new books would be written and given to the world…

You yourself, if you conducted the discipline of meditation on a regular basis, enabling yourself to intuitively connect to God’s Wisdom within, void of your own opinions and personal investments of course, will be able to write many pages of genuine wisdom.

Disciplined meditation and contemplation will reap such positive results from any true spiritual practitioner. This portal to truth is not reserved for only the elite or highly evolved souls, as many would think. Anyone who has applied a regular and sincere practice of meditation, thought, and contemplation by centering and tuning into the God within the heart will also receive this wisdom, this gnosis.

The various mystery schools and traditions will teach many aspects of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, but the greatest gift a Teacher can offer is how you can receive this Wisdom internally. You will learn how to receive Illumination, so that access to Wisdom becomes an established connection within your heart and soul from now on. The point we are making here is that Illumination leads to Wisdom, not the reverse.

You cannot reach Wisdom or Illumination by the limited human mind.

You must transcend this, seek and find the Light, which leads to the God-Self within, then you will receive Illumination and Wisdom and Unity. There are many paths, but only one way to Truth, and that is through God within the heart.

For God and Truth are one and the same…

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