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The Cosmology Of The Essene Nation

The Garden of Eden

Part 2: The Garden of Eden

So! What was this place called the Garden of Eden after all?

A Paradise? Or a virtual Hell?

It simply depended upon which end of the hoe that you stood on!

The New Plantation owners of America, are these giant Agri-Business Corporations, that farm literally millions of acres of land; hiring’s hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers that move from farm to farm with the varying crop cycles; of never ending planting, tilling, watering, and harvesting processes.
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The Cosmology Of The Essene Nation

The Essene Nation

Part 1: Early History of the Essene

To truly understand the value of this group of people, known as the Essene Nation, we must explore the very foundation of humanity upon this earth. For the most part, what mankind knows about his roots, is gleaned from the recorded history coming directly from a book known as the Bible.

Of Course! The Truth, The Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, “So Help Me God”!

A Truth that our Catholic indoctrinators have insisted is accurate!
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