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The Cosmology Of The Essene Nation

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The Essene Communions

PART: 9   The Essene Communions

Their Purpose And Meaning

The symbolic Tree of Life enabled the Essenes to understand how they were surrounded by forces, or angels, from the visible world of nature and the invisible cosmic world. The Communions show how each of these forces is utilized in man’s body and consciousness.

The Communions are said to have been originated by Enoch, and were again brought forth by Moses to Esrael, the elect of the people, on the two stone tablets he first brought down from Mount Sinai.
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Babylon Rising Part 21

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Mount Sinai

“Mount Sinai” Also Known As Mt Horeb

When Moses took refuge in the land of Midian to escape the displeasure of the Pharaoh, he met Jethro and settled near Mount Horeb. The land of Midian was in northeast Arabia on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Aqaba. From here the Midianites spread north into the Sinai and into Moab and the land west of Edom.

The Midianites called themselves “the sons of the serpent,” and apparently were descendants of the Anunnaki who were assigned the task of defending the installations at Mount Sinai and Kadesh.
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