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Nim-Rod, The Archetype Of Salvation…

Here! The Greatest Mystery Will Come Out Of The Shadows!

The term, “Archetype”, represents the proto-type patterned mold; allegorical symbolisms; and parabolic parallels formed from the earliest times of human history; those that will shape all future epitome’s of religious theosophy.

The, “Nim-Rod”, is the very foundation upon which are built all future, “Jesus Christ Saviors”; and we must remember, there are at least thirty of these prominent individuals that helped lead and guide mankind upon some sort of religious journey unto salvation.

The Key question of course is! “Which Salvation”?

Yes! Nimrod is a Jesus Christ (Son of Zues)! Being a direct physical Son of the Annunnaki Overlords makes him qualified to be an Emperor over the common human vassals, and servant/slaves that subsist within the parameters of that political regime.

Nimrod’s/Sargon’s governance extended over a very large territory, and included a multitude of foreign nationals, speaking many languages. It was necessary to create a common denominator, which would bind all of its citizens into one heart and soul of Babylon.

The tool that could accomplish this feat was of course Religion.

Control man’s emotion; his very heart and soul; and you could literally make him do anything that was commanded of him.

Why? Because he was doing it for the Gods no less…

Those invisible, unknown entities in some far off distant realm that we could only guess and ponder about… Gods that we will learn to love, honor, and obey unquestionably! And of course! The only avenue to these Gods was through his hand-picked, carefully chosen representatives known as the, “Holy Priests”, who are all lead by one Supreme Being representing the, “High Priesthood”; the, “Holy Pappa”.

Thus was Modern Religion Born within the very bowels of ancient Babylon! A “Mystery Religion” that will grow to affect virtually all mankind upon this planet, especially the three most prominent Abrahamic Cults known as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Of these three, the religion of Christianity has lifted the Banner of Babylon’s Nimrod higher than the rest, openly professing the Anunnaki God known as “Je-Zeus” Christ; and offering mankind the “Journey of Salvation”, that was born to the “Babylonian Harlot” many thousands of years before.

Nimrod becomes the Archetype for every Jesus Christ that has ever been born:

  • He was Born on the 25th of December…
  • He was Born of a Virgin; a mortal earth woman…
  • His Father was an Annunnaki/Elohim God…
  • He brought Salvation to mankind…
  • He died and was Resurrected…
  • He Created Miracles…
  • Was known to be extremely Wise and Intelligent…
  • He Brought Law and Order to mankind…
  • He taught the populace to worship the One True Elohim God…
  • He brought honor and respect to the entire family of Elohim Gods…
  • He instituted the usage of elaborate ceremonies, holy relics, crosses, icons, and idols into religious worship…

Yes! Nimrod did rebel against the One Cruel Elohim God known as Jehovah/Zeus, because he was the one that allowed the masses to drown during the cataclysmic event known as the Great Flood.

But he was extremely loyal and dedicated to the God that forewarned mankind of the coming disaster, which was Enki, and his progeny.

When we study the philosophical genres of what is known as Christian Apologetics; the concept of defending the Christian Faith on the basis of biblical writings, we will quite often hear the discussions brought up about Emperor Nimrod.

What you will notice is that Nimrod is frequently associated as the archetype for Satan; and of course, this notion is based upon the fact that he “Rebelled against God”, and that he worshipped idols. He is perpetually categorized as an evil and vile individual; a man that apparently crawled out of the pits of Hell.

But of course! All of this is simply conjecture, based upon the interpretations invented by the biblical redactors of Catholicism.

In all reality! If we were to search the world over for an modern version of a man that is comparable to that image portrayed by Nimrod in virtually every way, it would have to be an individual known as George Washington, the first American president, and hero of the Republic.

He was also a Rebel; he stood against the established government, and against the Religious Doctrines held by that political regime. Was George Washington a Protestant Christian, as many people believe? Absolutely not! He was first and foremost a member of the Secret Societies, namely Free-Masonry, which is a religion based upon Luciferian (Angel of Light) Doctrines.

Mr. Washington is lauded perpetually as the man who brought freedom to this nations people; he not only guided the early patriots on the battlefield, he became this nations first political emperor. As head of the government, it was necessary to institute new constitutions, and laws that would govern the masses in a civil and orderly fashion.

The early father’s of our nation, created constitutional laws granting humanity certain inalienable rights and freedoms; one of the prominent being the freedom of religion. Through this Law, were our founding fathers defending the Faith of Christianity? Absolutely not!

They were defending mankind from Christianity…

Christianity was already the predominate religion of early America; but unfortunately, as these new European migrants were arriving to this supposed new land of freedom, along with them they brought the diabolical traits of Europe’s Christian Characteristics, that of persecution of all non-conformists.

Our own early American Christianity has the same demons in its closets, and skeletons in her bed, just as her European patronage has. Many unsuspecting American citizens were hung on the scaffolds, or burned with the fires of purification, as the Catholic popes called them, for not conforming to the community version of Religion and Christianity.

Our Nations First Fathers knew and understood! That if they were to build a Republic based upon Secret Society Masonic Principals, they needed to get rid of the concept of a National Religion, which was flourishing all across the European landscape. They knew that they had to protect America’s citizens from the gross brutality, and persecution of the Christian Religion!

In early Babylonian Culture, all three of the prominent religions flourished together as One Religion and Faith: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. It was a conglomeration of human principals and characteristics that pervaded her citizenship; and a religion existed that was a unification of belief concepts blended in synchronism to create a Universal Doctrine that could be accepted by all cultures and ethnic bases.

It was the Patriarch Abraham that rebelled against the Unity of the Nation, the Universality of Religion, the constitutional laws of the land, and against the Anunnaki God Enki, who was the Patron Father of humanity, in order to follow the Supreme Anunnaki (Jealous) God, Enlil/Jehovah/Zeus!

Because of his actions, the Universal Religion of Babylon splintered into three factions! Again! These are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity…

Was George Washington considered an evil and vile man, for starting a rebellion against the established king of our nation?

Is he a Satan worshipper because he belonged to the Cult of Freemasonry?

Is he a rebel against God, for preventing the possibility of Christianity being the official State Religion unto which all American citizens needed to conform too or else face sanctioned reprisals and persecution?

In all actuality! The Babylonian king, Nimrod, and the Babylonian Government were duplicate copies of the first American president, and the government established by her founding fathers!


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