The Jewish Law Of Circumcision

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Law Of Circumcision

The Lizard God Of Israel Commandeth!


Chapter 17

9: And God said unto Abraham, Thou shalt keep my covenant therefor, thou, and thy seed after thee, in their generations,

10: This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you, and thy seed after thee; Every man-child among you shall be circumcised.

11: And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.

A great secret was revealed upon this day!

Abraham! In his nineties received a command to mutilate the flesh of his sexual organ; apparently something that was never required by any of the original or previous gods of mankind.

This in itself exposes the fact that a strange and new god has come upon our planet; demanding a peculiar form of total obedience, under the threat of horrific persecution, and even death for any minute insurrection, insubordination, or disobedience.

It was established as a perpetual law upon the tribes of Israel, upon the tribes of Ishmael, and adopted wholeheartedly by the Muslim races of Arabia, the Middle East, and the vast majority of Black Africans.

Just stop for a moment to think about this!

The Great Almighty God of Heaven and Earth; apparently a very physical Human Being just like every other humanoid upon our planet, speaking face to face with Abraham, commanding him to perform, as a perpetual law amongst all (supposed) true believers in this God, that they pick up a knife and cut the skin off of their “winki”.

This is a “Most Holy Law” and an act, once performed, transforms the recipient into a “Most Holy Man Of God”!

Only those men, and Women who partake of sexual relations with these men, can ever be deemed Holy and Righteous…

There has never been a more preposterous command ever created by any human or god ever since! The Absurdity of this Rule has no bounds! And Yet! Over the course of some five thousand years, billions of males have had this procedure performed upon them.

Can anybody stop for two seconds to question this irrationality? That such a Neanderthal Act, is still being executed in our Modern Civilized Age and Era does little to bespeak the intelligence of contemporary humanity…

When Jews are questioned about this Act; their reply always revolves around 2 major points:

  1. It is performed for the purpose of cleanliness, and the prevention of penile disease…
  2. By removing the foreskin, the surface of the glans becomes desensitized, with the result that men are not easily aroused sexually, and hopefully, do not commit acts of promiscuity, adultery, or immorality.


Yes! These are the primary excuses given unto any who would ask!

But I am sorry! To me, this is complete hogwash…

Do Jews reside in such filthy environments and live life in such a way that they cannot take normal hygienic care of their bodies?

Is there perpetual fear of contacting some disease upon their sex organs?

Are they a primary root of sexually transmitted diseases?

I believe that just the opposite is true! The True God that is our True Creator, created mankind with a foreskin exactly for that purpose. To shelter the glans from dirt and infection under a shield of protection…

And are the Jews and Islamists, so immoral that they are continually partaking of illicit sexuality to the point that God needs to damage their sex organs to bring them under some kind of control?

Are they that Mundane mentally that they need physical restraints?

But within this same chapter of Genesis, another great secret is revealed!

Chapter 17

8: And I will give unto thee, and unto thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession…

There are hundreds of passages in the Bible that attest to this next verse; that God is a “Man”, and that he is a “God of War”


Chapter 15

3: The Lord is a “Man of War”; the Lord is his name…


So the correct assumption is that the God of ancient Israel, and the futuristic Jews is actually a violent perverse man, with a lust for conquest, war, and human suffering.

He thinks nothing of killing his opposition, destroying families and homes, and taking land from established peoples by death and sword.

And now this God is forcing himself upon a people and a nation by the same threats; but also with rewards for total subservience.

“I will give you somebody else’s property, wealth, and belongings, as soon as you murder everyone”…

To separate these (supposedly) chosen people from the masses, we will mutilate their sex organs, so that no matter were they are, we can recognize them…

Apparently God is very limited with his vision, and he needs some physical reminder to separate those who are his slaves from those who need to die!

The “True Reality” is that there is a much greater purpose to this act of mutilation than most people perceive, and I most definitely believe that the vast majority of those recipients are the one’s, held in the deepest darkness.

“God is a Man Of War”

So obviously he needs an Army to Lead, and soldiers to fight for his cause!

What we are truly observing is the earliest stages of human mind and body control!!!

Yes! You guessed it! This God is not the God of Life, he is the God of Death…

Being a technologically and scientifically advanced “Ellian” from another planet he truly knows and understands the human biological composition, and he sets into motion a diabolical plot to alter the Human entity through, in essence, “Chemical Warfare”.

This God understands the minute scientific details of the human sub-atomic cell structure, and of the 12 primary biological systems of the body.

One of these primary body structures is focused upon our harmonic balance, which is created through the synchronicity of our glandular systems.

We cannot live if our glandular system is damaged or in disharmony, this balance is exceedingly important to our health and in fact very existence.

Of course! It would require volumes to describe the minute details of this amazing study, so I will limit our discussion unto a few focal points needed in order to grasp the gest of this act of mutilation.

Just like any truly sophisticated machinery, the human body operates through an interconnected system of sensors that continually test and measure a multitude of bodily functions, in order to keep this harmonic equilibrium and balance. Within each individual are a myriad of chemical and hormonal compounds that are produced and meted out into our blood stream and organs at just the right time, in the correct volume, and in the right sequence so that the body knows what to do and when.

For an example!

If I am sitting and relaxing in front of the TV, I do not need to have a strong dose of Adrenaline in my blood stream, I would go crazy with nervousness. But if I were walking in the woods to suddenly come upon a startled bear, my brain and body would need to respond with proper veracity in order to deal with the danger.

Each of our bodies, whether male or female, has glands that produce and secrete both testosterone, and estrogen; the balance is held in proper proportion through our unique sensors and the brains biological computer system.

It is a known fact, that within the human male, the most important sensor for estrogen balance and secretion is in the gland within the foreskin of the penis. These Estrogen receptors are in the foreskin at the place where the tissue connects to the penis; they simultaneously measure elements such as heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, other chemical ratios, testosterone levels, and even the energy released through emotions and feelings.

Prior to the act of intercourse, the brain sends signals to a multitude of glandular centers of the body to begin adjusting the chemical ratios in the bloodstream; huge amounts of testosterone are released into the blood in order to establish a well engorged penile erection.

During this time of high levels of super-charged testosterone, the glands within the foreskin begin to release estrogen back into the blood stream as well. The purpose of this is to keep the male ego from going out of control.

In essence! There are two ways to have sexual intercourse with a woman:

  • One is to make love to her, with true tenderness, sensitivity, and love…
  • The other is to rape her, through the act of domination and force, devoid of tenderness and love.

Both forms can accomplish orgasmic release; but the end result could have opposing biological and emotional results.

The male needs testosterone in his body for normal bodily growth and function; high doses create muscle mass, which allows the male to become physically and emotionally very strong and powerful.

In our modern day, our societies body builders take high doses of steroids, which are simply high doses of testosterone, to build those extremely well proportioned muscular bodies, which can handle serious physical stress. The problem with high levels of testosterone within the human body is that it destroys the harmonic balance.

With this comes erratic mood swings, desensitized emotional stability, fits of fierce anger, and uncontrollable acts of violence.

In essence! The perfect warrior…

The man becomes an emotionless zombie; who has no fear of death, or remorse in his acts of killing.

There are many chronicles that describe the emotional quandary of a man caught up in the fury of battle, especially when struggling in the very moment of life and death. During this instance, fear and rage roar simultaneously within the body; unleashed danger, especially during hand-to-hand combat forces the body to drench the bloodstream with high doses of adrenaline and testosterone.

In the circumcised male, the natural receptors that work diligently to bring harmonic balance to the body are shut off, thereby these chemical compounds roar uncontrollably through the body, affecting not only the physiology, but also the mind. There are many cases where the men become berserk, and super-human strength fills their body, as they hack and chop to pieces their opponent.

It is common for these men to experience an erection at this time, because the chemical compounds are working beyond the scope of normalcy; this is the primary cause that men enact rape upon captured women, even during the heat of the battle…

When performing sexual intercourse with a woman, since his penile sensitivity is damaged, his emotions are seared, and testosterone levels are uncontrolled, you get an individual that naturally looks down upon the woman as a lessor creature, which needs to be dominated, controlled, subjugated, and conquered; rather than loved as an equal, and worshipped as a goddess…

Just take a look for a moment at the nations and cultures that partake of the act of sex organ mutilation, such as for the Jews, Islamists, and Christians alike. These are the most violent and perverse nations and cultures on our planet; their doctrines include philosophies in their religions that negate the need for honor and respect of other cultures, races, genders, and societies, and become breeding grounds for prejudice and discrimination.

Even worse! These societies naturally treat the female entity as a lower being in status, including the women of their own immediate race and culture. They blame them for societies ailments, “for was it not ‘Eve’ that partook of the first great sin”?

In many of these cultures, they even go so far as to destroy the female genital sensory organs, so that sexual intercourse is not a delicate and pleasurable act of love, but simply a brutal act of carnal reproduction, solely for the intent of child-bearing, and not for the promulgation of pleasure, joy, and love…

This “Jealous God of Israel”, had no love for the people that he subjugated, he simply needed a war machine that would fulfill his bidding as he carved his place amongst the territories of the other Elohim (Ellian-Alien) Gods residing upon our planet.

That his subjects were forced to suffer the atrocities of never ending strife, war, and hatred from the surrounding cultures was bad enough, they had to endure the humiliation of sex organ mutilation, and cultural regression as a nation.

Humanity has the choice to which Gods that they want to worship!

Unfortunately! The vast majority has chosen to worship Alien Brutes who have no love or respect for them as a species.

I highly recommend careful analyses of your religious beliefs! Choose wisely the God of Love and Life, rather than the God of War and Death…

Our True Creator created a perfect human physiology, which must be loved and respected in every way. The Gift of procreation, which has been built into our biological entity, allows us to become Creators within the genus of humanity, and our Universal Realm.

We can create as beasts, or we can create as Gods!

We can create with Love, Sensitivity, Honor, and Respect!

Or we could create as mindless animals without emotion and love…

We could honor Life!

Or be destroyers of this life…

Our human reproductive system is simply one of the greatest miraculous elements of our universe; it must be honored and treated with respect. The womb of a woman is the center of the universe, a place of creation and life; likewise the male reproductive system a work of creative genius.

Honor this act, with awe, and respect! And love your bodies as the very temples of the Living God…









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