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The original Anunnaki!

The word simply means, “Those who came from space to earth”.

The Anunnaki space travelers came to earth to mine its precious resources, primarily gold, silver, uranium, and diamonds. These mining operations were conducted in all parts of the Globe: Africa, South America, North America, Mesopotamia, Europe, China, and India were the primary suppliers…

In the original plan, which began about five hundred thousand years ago, the space traveler imported their work force from their home planet; but there were never any sufficient numbers to actually mine and process the resources to any great merit.

It was finally agreed upon by the Anunnaki Hierarchy, to begin creating a work force utilizing the available gene pool of the Neanderthal hominids, Rhesus Monkey’s (RH positive blood), and the Anunnaki’s themselves.

The largest mining operation, and the headquarters of the Research Lab was set up in central Africa, on Mt Kilimanjaro, and became known as the Ea-Den, (the Home Palace of Enki), and the A-Bzu, which was in reference to the underground bio-genetic research center. This term eventually morphed into the word, “Abyss”, being reverenced to the “Underworld of Satan”, again, referring to the brutal work conditions of underground mining operations, where men could spend a lifetime in virtual darkness. (This became the foundation to the “going to Hell story”)

The original, “Test Tube Babies” were formed in glass containers, but the fertilized eggs were then placed “invitro” into Anunnaki Females (Lab Technicians), who carried the children within their own wombs. When these Hybrids began to mature, they were taught to copulate for themselves, and thus began the new races of mankind upon our planet.

The Science Engineers experimented with different genetic material, in order to produce the desired traits, specifically needed for the various tasks that were assigned mankind: miners, farmers, lumber-workers, stone-masons, animal husbandry, fishermen/sailors, craftsmen/metallurgy.

According to biblical reference, we are taught to believe, that mankind was placed in the Garden of Eden, as a place of reward, where all of their needs would be cared for; there were no unnecessary concerns on the part of the “Children Of God”.

But the Reality is! They were placed there as simple worker drones, who needed to work the farm and orchard fields, as simple slaves and servants to the True Anunnaki Overlord/Gods. Yes! Their simple needs were taken care of; they each fulfilled their assignments as they were delegated; as long as they worked diligently and obeyed, housing, food, and medical attention was provided.

If they complained, or balked to their responsibilities, they were sent to “Hell/Abzu”, to work in hard labor, in the underground mines, where there was no sunshine, or free fresh fruit growing on the trees…

As several hundred thousand years passed by, The Anunnaki Overlords began taking the beautiful “White Women” to become their Concubines, and Wives; the offspring of these nuptials were extremely talented and intelligent. The Gods decided to delegate crucial responsibilities to these “Half-Breed” Children (Nephilim), and the “King-Dom” was handed to mankind. These Nephilim children begat many Dynastic Royal Family lineages, many of which are still governing the earth even unto our modern era! (including the royal families of England, and America)

In the truest sense, Eden is nothing more or less than our own Californian, San Joaquin Valley; a region that encompasses several hundred square miles of very fertile farm lands. The “Adama” children of Eden, (the red/brown races), are still to this day providing the worlds food supply, as migrant farm laborers…

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Alexander Baghdanov

Alexander’s life is truly an amazing one, as he has dedicated it to the pursuit of True “Truth”, and in training future young men and women in the prophetic gifts, opening the doors for each to discover their individual “Prophetic Journey Of Life”…

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