Journal Your Dreams And Revelations

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Journal Your Dreams And Revelations

Journal Your Dreams And Revelations

The Holy Spirit is simply the Power of God being Manifest upon us human beings; a bridge that binds, connects, and unites the created with the creator.

I would like to expound upon one of those forms of manifestation; it is the spirit-dream activated by the Holy Spirit. Dreams that are meant to convey specific and often detailed information, direction, and revelation to us, for the purpose of enlightenment.

Spiritual dreams are significant because the Holy Spirit uses them to dialog with us in a way that we can understand.

Yes! The revelations come in Parabolic form, but this in itself is extremely important for the development of our spiritual mind.

If we are ever to progress into the higher levels of prophecy, the prophetic language must be learned. As God speaks in mysteries, we then must know how to deliver those messages via the similitude of parabolic imagery.

Why is this so?

God is our Father! Not our slave master or task driver!

He wants us to serve him of our own free will. But equally so, he doesn’t want to be our perpetual nursery-teacher. He wants us to grow and mature in stature and understanding so that eventually, we could realize our own God-Given right to be creator god’s here on earth. Building and constructing his realms of Paradise, the Altar, and the Holy Temple within ourselves and of those around us.

In other words! Learn the Language of God, so that you too could be his helpmate…

The language learning begins within you, through your mind, stimulated by your inner-eye sight. God normally begins his instruction by doing a soft download into our collective mind, and he uses spirit-dreams to convey His messages to us.

So how do we recognize these types of dreams, and how do we interpret them.

Many prophetic people journal their dreams.

This is an essential step in your development. Create a special notebook specifically to record your dream activity. When you have a dream, jot it down in point form to not lose the details. This way, as time progresses, you will begin to notice specific patterns that will help you recognize your dream types.

For example, if you notice that natural dreams occur more often when you are overtired or had a stressful day, then you can probably categorize them as the natural cycling of thoughts that are simply surfacing into your dreams.

You will soon recognize that there are certain dreams that are not attached to overtiredness, stress, or anxiety but are more pronounced; they are likely to be spiritual dreams through which God communicates to you.

The details are extremely important!

Journal the minutest details such as color, moods, feelings, what transpired, what pictures, words, scenes did you see or experience?

Were you an onlooker, a participant, or did someone in the dream accompany you?

Did you travel somewhere?

Did a voice instruct you or communicate with you?

Did you read something that was written on a book or in another form?

Was there a message for you or others?

As you make records, over a period of time, an unraveling of consistent themes will occur. One dream may only be a piece of a larger picture and will require several dream downloads to make sense.

The Holy Spirit often uses parables and illustrations that convey the truth to those receptive. The keyword is receptive. He longs to communicate with us but has chosen not to manipulate us, so he waits for us to search out and investigate these parables given to us in dreams.

The dreams that we journal will help us interpret what He is saying and help us make sense of some of the strange and unique experiences you may encounter during your dream phase of sleep.

Study the messages as they are revealed to you through your thought and memory cycling. Many elements will bring to light those things that may weigh heavy upon your mind, including things like, what stresses, and worries create fear and anxiety upon your soul.

These dreams, which could be categorized as natural dreams, may help you decipher the truth about yourself and help you deal with these causes to create a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

On the other hand, the spirit-driven dream usually focuses on matters, which can be more aptly explained as spiritual guidance for our soul and is primarily based upon those elements that concern our Salvation.

It takes us by the hand and leads us upon our prophetic journey of life.

Its goal is to teach us “True Truth” and shows us how to be comfortable through independence. By independence, I mean that we recognize the Temple that is within each of us; we see the Altar of God. We know how to place upon it, an acceptable oblation, a living spiritual sacrifice that is sweet-smelling in the nostrils of our Father God.

Through our personal growth and maturity, we attain a high level of perception and communion with God, and we no longer rely on other men to be our spiritual and, or religious guides through life. We are hitting the mark; we have discovered the bulls’ eye.


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