The Cosmology Of The Essene Nation

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The Teachings of Moses

Part 6: The Teachings of Moses

Moses was known as the Law Giver, but the truth stands that he introduced two completely opposite Laws to the people known as Israel.

There was the Carnal Exoteric Law given to the masses (the biblical ten commandments), as a guidepost to keep them from corrupt barbarity; and then there was the Law of Life given to the Elect Few, teaching the esoteric rules to the holy laws of the universe, that reveal the hidden mysteries of creation, and the secrets of the Holy God of Life.

The teachings, which Moses brought forth at Mount Sinai were practiced for millennia by the Essene Brotherhoods in Palestine and Egypt.

To understand those teachings is to understand the values the Essene practices have for man, even today. The study of these Laws was to become not only the fundamental tenet of the Essene Brotherhoods but of all western civilization. The most authoritative information we have about his teaching comes from their Brotherhoods.

Their tradition divides Moses’ life into three periods symbolic of the experiences in every man’s life.

In the first period of forty years, during which he lived as a prince of Egypt, he followed the path of tradition, acquiring all the education and knowledge available. He studied the rituals of Isis, Amon-Ra and Osiris, the Precepts of Pta Hotep, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and traditions that came from the East to Egypt, the cultural center of the world at that time.

But in all his studying he found no inner dynamism or unifying principle explaining the universe and the problems of life.

In the second period of his life he spent forty years in the desert following the path of nature, studying the book of nature, as have many other great geniuses and prophets, including Joshua.

In the huge vastnesses of the desert, with their solitude and silence, great inner truths have been brought forth. In this period of his life Moses discovered the One Law; the totality of all laws. He found that this one Law governed all manifestations of life, and it governed the whole universe. To him it was the greatest of all miracles to find that everything operates under one law. Then he came upon the idea of the totality of laws. And this totality he called the Law, spelled with a capital “L.”

He first observed that man lives in a dynamic, constantly changing universe; plants and animals grow and disappear; moons wax and wane. There is no static point in nature or man. He saw that the Law manifests in perpetual change, and that behind the change is a plan of Cosmic Order on a vast scale.

He came to understand that the Law is the greatest and only power in the universe and that all other laws and all things are a part of the one Law. The Law is subject to no other law or laws. It is eternal, indestructible, incapable of defeat. A plant, a tree, a human body or a solar system each has its own laws, mathematical, biological and astronomical.

But the one supreme power, the Law, is behind all of them.

The Law governs all that takes place in the universe, and all other universes, all activity, all creation, mental or physical.

It governs all that exists in physical manifestation, in energy and power, in consciousness, all knowledge, all thought, all feeling, all reality. The Law creates life and it creates thought.

The sum total of life on all the planets in the universe was called by the Essene’s the “cosmic ocean of life”. And the sum total of currents of thought in the universe was called the “cosmic ocean of thought”, or “cosmic consciousness” in more modern terminology.

This cosmic ocean of life and cosmic ocean of thought form a dynamic unity of which man is an inseparable part. Every thinking body of every individual is in constant inner communion with this unity. Every human being is an individualized part of the unity.

This unity is the Law, the Eternal Light, the creator and governor of all existence…

Moses saw the Law broken everywhere. Egypt had been built without regard for it. Despite the nation’s great military and political might, there was no law of equality. Misery and slavery existed everywhere; rich and poor alike suffered from oppression, epidemics and plagues. He learned that ignorance of the Law; of the laws of nature, was responsible for all evils, and that the rulers and the ruled were equally to blame.

It became evident to Moses that everything created as a result of deviation from the Law destroys itself and in time disappears.

Only the Law is eternal!

The third period of Moses’ life, the Exodus, began when he determined to dedicate the remainder of his days to the realization and application of the Law, and to bringing mankind into harmony with it. He recognized the enormity of the task before him in attempting to make both the ignorant masses and the arrogant rulers accept the Law and live in harmony with it.

Seemingly insurmountable obstacles confront all world reformers, when pure idea meets the opposing force in the inertia of the human mind and the resistance of entrenched power. It represents a revolution of the dynamic against the static, of higher values against pseudo-values, of freedom against slavery, and it is not limited to one time in history, nor to mankind as a whole, but occurs repeatedly in the life of individual man.

When Moses found he could not change the Egyptian rulers or the masses of the people, he turned to the small minority, the enslaved and oppressed people of Israel, hoping to convert them and establish a new nation based wholly on the Law.

He is the only figure in universal history that did establish such a nation.

He came to the conclusion that if man is to reach God, he must first become master of all the forces, which are manifestations of God, of the Law.

Moses wanted his followers to realize that they are in constant contact, every moment of their lives and in all points of their being, with all the forces of life and the visible and invisible universe; and if they contact these powers consciously, and become continually conscious of them, they will enjoy perfect health, happiness and harmony in body and mind and every department of their lives.

The method of contacting these forces was engraved on the two stone tablets he brought down from Mt. Sinai but destroyed when he found the masses of his people were not ready for the teaching, even as the masses of mankind are not ready for it today and may not be for many generations to come.

But to the few who were ready he taught the method given on the tablets, the Communions with the angels, which has been preserved through the ages in the Essene Brotherhoods and can still be practiced by man today.



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