Dreaming Your Prophetic Life

Dreaming Your Prophetic Life

Dreaming Your Prophetic Life

One of the more common means for expression, of the inner human spirit, is through prophetic dreams.

We ourselves can play a vital role in the awakening of this mode of communication; designed by our Heavenly Father, as a tool for learning. Over the course of my prophetic journey in life, I have witnesses many thousands of these spirit-dreams; the one thing that I encounter on a consistent basis, is that they are delivered in a parabolic format.

It is our Mother-Holy Spirit, the School Teacher that conveys those messages to us. Through this communication, we learn the elemental prose of God, the very language of his voice is brought to our attention, and dialogue is established.

Yes! We are still in kindergarten, but this is important; within this classroom our foundations are laid for us. Without these, we have nothing to build upon…

The Mind of our Father/God is immense; we simply are not capable of comprehending the enormity of his being; we take one step at a time. Over the course of our lives, we begin to see his majesty, and benevolence, and we recognize him, even though all we see of him is his fleeting shadow.

The truest form of prophetic dreaming is the interactive dream; the dream with which we play an active role. The dream unfolds within our mind; we watch and observe; at the same time we partake by actively affecting the direction and course of the revelation, to bring about a desired result.

The spirit-dream works to reveal the elements of life that are affecting the condition of the inner-soul, in essence, it uncovers those hidden secretive threads that bind us to events, people, and issues that are impacting our lives. We then can witness how the power of quantum mechanics controls those minute details that govern our destiny.

Prophetic revelation is not written in immovable cold hard stone; there is tremendous room for malleability, flexibility, and change. We can effect this alteration, by knowing the reason; the why; and the how, events are unfolding before us, the way they are. Prophetic dreaming teaches us through the use of parabolic illustration, the secretive movement of universal law; in other words, the immutable laws of God.

Are we in control of our Destiny?   Or are we just watching the events unfold, as they will, haphazardly, without guidance or management?

Our minds are fascinating instruments, which can be trained to harness the power of God’s infinite Spiritual Power, but it does require a conscious awareness on our part. A computer could be loaded up with frivolous data that simply exposes its nerve center to all types of malignant viruses, which could cause a total collapse of the brain center, where memory is stored.

With proper handling and protection; utilizing correct procedures and formats, the computer could be harnessed for a multitude of ingenious tasks that simply astound us; equally so our minds!!!

It’s only natural, that the subliminal brain reacts to the information that is forced upon it by us, ourselves. Garbage only produces more garbage, whereas correct mental nutrition, unleashes our imaginative and creative genius, to begin setting the stage for our spiritual ascension!

If we want to make our brain fly into spiritual realms, our attention must already be in these realms, by supplying data that feeds that activity within; study, prayer, and fasting are the preliminary tools needed to cause stimulation of our own integral mechanism.

As you lay down to sleep, say your affirmations unto our Heavenly Father; thank him for wisdom and knowledge; bless him for your life and existence; express gratitude for your spiritual journey, no matter what level you are currently experiencing.

Always be grateful!!!                Always joyful and content!!!

There are many levels of conscious awareness while awake, and many levels of subconscious awareness as we sleep. As our minds drift off into unconsciousness, a level of bliss overcomes us, allowing our brains to recharge and regenerate while in a state conscious osmosis.

There are many elements and parts of our brain that shut down during the process of sleep, but other areas that are now just coming awake, allowing us to connect with a multitude of realities and dimensions, which could not be seen with the naked eye. Now our inner-eye comes to life; now it sees.

Focusing our attention on a specific topic, or need, as we drift into unconscious bliss, will usually stay with you, and will become a primary subject matter of you subliminal mind; therefore, may become a parabolic illusion of the mind; a vivid picture brought to life for you to see.




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