The Cosmology Of The Essene Nation

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The Angelic Forces

PART: 7   The Angelic Forces

Man has appeared to realize as far back as records exist, that invisible forces, which are made prevalent within the spiritual dimensions of existence, surrounded him.

In ancient cultures of the past, he has used certain symbolisms to express his relationship to these forces in the midst of which he moves. The predominant mystical symbol, which has been imbedded in almost all religions and esoteric teachings, is called the Tree of Life. In outer legend and inner wisdom man’s deepest intuitions have focused upon it.

It was considered by the prophet Zoroaster, as the law of life itself, and was the center of his philosophy and way of thinking. In the hidden teachings of Moses, as revealed through the Essene Book of Genesis, it was the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden that was guarded by angels.

The Essenes called it the Tree of Life…

To these earlier concepts of the Tree, the Essenes added what the ancient writers called Angelology. This science of the Angels was brought forth by the Essenes at their brotherhood in Palestine.

Their angels were simply the forces that worked and governed the universe…

It was known by many of the ancient peoples that these invisible forces were a source of energy and power, and that man’s life was sustained by contact with them. They knew that according to the degree that an individual was able to utilize these forces, he would move forward in his individual evolution in body and spirit, and as he put himself in harmony with them, his life would prosper. Certain of the people not only knew of these forces but had specific methods of contacting and utilizing them.

In many lands these forces were considered to be of two kinds, good and evil, and eternally opposed to each other. Zoroaster in his Zend Avesta described the Ahuras and Fravashis as the good forces forever battling with the evil Khrafstras and Devas. The Toltecs in Mexico and Central America held a world picture in which the good forces were called the Army of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, and the evil forces were the Army of Tezcatlipoca, the Jaguar. These two armies were shown in the Toltec pictographs as being in continual conflict with each other. In the Zoroastrian and Toltec concepts destructive forces were always fighting the constructive ones.

The concept held by the Essenes differed from these and other world pictures in that they recognized only the positive and constructive forces in the universe.

The Essene “angels” correspond to the good forces of Zoroaster, the Ahuras and Fravashis, and to the good forces of the Toltecs, the Army of Quetzalcoatl. It was understood that man’s role in the universe was to so strengthen the good, positive forces that the evil negative ones would be overcome, and eventually disappear from the earth.

The Essene Tree of Life represented fourteen positive forces, seven of them heavenly or cosmic forces and seven earthly or terrestrial forces. The Tree was pictured as having seven roots reaching down into the earth and seven branches extending up toward the heavens, thus symbolizing man’s relationship to both earth and heaven.

Man was pictured in the center of the tree half-way between heaven and earth.

The use of the number seven is an integral part of the Essene tradition, which has been transmitted to Western cultures in various outer ways, such as the seven days of the week.

Each root and branch of the tree represented a different force or power. The roots represented earthly forces and powers:

  • the Earthly Mother,
  • the Angel of Earth,
  • the Angel of Life,
  • the Angel of Joy,
  • the Angel of the Sun,
  • the Angel of Water,
  • the Angel of Air.

The seven branches reaching up into the heavens represented cosmic powers:

  • the Heavenly Father,
  • his Angels of Eternal Life,
  • the Angel of Creative Work,
  • the Angel of Peace,
  • the Angel of Power,
  • the Angel of Love,
  • the Angel of Wisdom.

These were the Essene angels of the visible and invisible worlds.

In ancient Hebrew and Medieval literature these heavenly and earthly forces, were represented as if actual physical angelic beings, and were given names, such as Michael, Gabriel and so on; and they were pictured in religious art as if they encompassed human form with wings and clad in flowing robes. But this view simply represented a way to express the outer teachings to the mundane populace; to those who have as of yet to discover the hidden truth of the esoteric doctrines.

In Reality! The term “Angel”, simply means, “Messenger”, and as the Mythos of the Pagan Christian Religion began to develop, which focused upon the worship of Anunnaki Gods, the sub or demi-gods began to be known as, “Winged Angels”, or those messengers who arrived and traveled within winged space vehicles.

Somehow! As time flew past, the concept of winged angels, becoming the forces of negative and positive power energy sources, both heavenly and earthly, became combined through a synergy of dogma and belief. Today! We believe that angelic beings actually have human form, and they are servants of the most High Father God. In ancient times! All knew that these physical angelic beings were nothing less than astronaut space-men that acted as representatives of the Anunnaki Overlords who actually did sit on Thrones in Castles and Palaces in the Sky. (Mother-Ships capable of deep space travel)

The sad part is, that humanity has lost the connection that the true believer ancients had with the True Power of Heaven and Earth, through the invisible threads of Life. Those Golden Strands that bind us with the Life Force Energies of our Heavenly Father and our Earthly Mother.

Essene Cosmology: Faith, Dogma, Doctrine, Philosophy, and Belief, are coming alive today in a modern version of an, “Exodus” from the False Pagan Christian Religions that have permeated the minds, hearts, and souls of mankind.

As the ancient Doctrines are being discovered, and studied, man is beginning to realize that place where the missing link is, which separates them from the Power of the Life Force Energy of the True Father/Mother God; the link is the Living Holy Spirit, that opens mans Mind to transcend his Human World, and allows him to enter into Dimensions of Existence too fabulous to be described with mere words

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