Assessing Your Inheritance

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Our First Birth Is Of The Flesh

We are born to physical parents, who assume the responsibility as legal guardians, for the very life and existence of our material entities. But our physical body is only one minor aspect to our existence, within each of us a divine spark, which could actually be described as Gods Force Field and Energy Grid.

This is our Astral Body, which existed prior to our physical birth here in this three dimensional realm. This celestial entity comes from a higher dimension of existence, and resides within a higher frequency, which our carnal physical eye cannot see.

Within this Astral Body, resides our Soul, the creature that is best described as our inner-man. It is the intermediary that connects our human physiology to the physiology of God, via the Holy Spirit. Our Entities are designed in much the same concept as a multilayered onion, one layer built over the next, covering the central core, which is our soul.

The cells that make up our physical bodies are held together by the electromagnetic energy grid; in much the same way that our earth is held together. The energy reverberates and pulsates to a consistent rhythm, within as well as without, reaching into very distant recesses that connect us with the entire physical universe. This is our First Birth!

By enacting the processes, called Mer-Ka-Ba Ascension we institute our Secondary Birth. This birth is from above, and can only be accomplished through the Power of the Holy Spirit while under the watchful guidance of our Heavenly Father. In essence, we become, “In Spirit”, and while this overshadowing is interacting with us, it is affecting, the creation process called, “Procreation”.

Our Spirit Body becomes inseminated, by the Holy Seed of God, this seed then bursts into life, to begin creating a whole new entity within us; an embryonic child begins its first developmental stages of growth.

With the proper nutrition, gained from studying the Word of God, and interacting with the spiritual guidance of your Prophetic Eldership, your Blessings, Anointings, and Specific Covenants begin taking shape, and are being prepared for your official Birth into The God-Head Authority of Messiahship.

This is your Second Birth…

The Second Birth Process, including all the necessary stages of development, must be fulfilled before anyone has the right to proclaim a share in the hereditary inheritances that our Heavenly Father has set aside for those who are truly his children. There are no free rides, and your presumed assumptions will not get you into the door.

To truly belong to Gods Family, you must be Born Again, of Spirit and of Fire.

During our prophetic journey in life, the Holy Spirit will test us on this and will give us many confirmations through the baring of witness to prove the point.  In this our confidence and accuracy levels in spirituality will improve.

There are many areas of the Spirit that are earth bound, which are prophetic manifestations given to us as part of our boot camp training. The next phase is where the incredible begins to unfold before us.

The next phase is the journeys into the supernatural realms. This is where the eyes of your spirit and understanding began to gaze into the realms of God.

Literally, the Holy Spirit will begin to take you into trances, with the revelation of visions and heavenly scenes. In these you will see Holy Angels, Heavenly Scenes and the Majestic Presence of the Lord.

You will also see and gather up information from the Lord about earth events, details for your own benefit and for others. This is where the Holy Spirit wants to take us all. He wants every believer to live in both the natural realm and the supernatural realm. The Prophetic Seer Anointing, bridges the gap between the two realms.

The True Inheritance of Gods Wealth, are those Precious Gifts of the Holy Spirit, gifts that are designed to take into those higher levels of existence, while still living in our fleshly bodies in the 3D world.

The very Gifts of God are given to his beloved Holy Church, as instruments that will ultimately develop the God Characteristics within both our outer physical sphere of existence, and within our very inner-man soul’s.

As we attain our level of mature perfection, we begin to take on the very genetics of our Heavenly Father; not only do we begin to look like him, we think and act like him too. Our language changes; our dreams, hopes, and plans are altered to bring pleasure for our Father. Our Way of Life is altered, and we begin searching for that place here on earth called Paradise.

And we want to spend time with those who are on the same journey; those who are the children of God.

Alexander Baghdanov

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Alexander Baghdanov

Alexander’s life is truly an amazing one, as he has dedicated it to the pursuit of True “Truth”, and in training future young men and women in the prophetic gifts, opening the doors for each to discover their individual “Prophetic Journey Of Life”…

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