A Deeper Understanding of Life, Wisdom, And God

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A Deeper Understanding of Life, Wisdom, And God


What is wisdom?

For one, it is valued in virtually all cultures throughout the world, and throughout the ages, wise people lead the way to a deeper understanding of life.

Wisdom is not about having more knowledge…

It’s much beyond that, and in many ways, knowledge itself is not even necessary to have wisdom. Wisdom is an inner understanding that often contradicts intellectual knowledge.

Wisdom is usually beyond the obvious and the conventional.

When we recognize great wisdom, it is as if we see “a light” inside our minds; a special feeling inside, which leads us to a greater understanding.

Wisdom is not something you attain as much as it is something you grow into. For most of us, wisdom is synonymous with an old man and a long flowing grey beard. Although wisdom indeed comes with age, you don’t need to be old to be wise.

For me, all great wisdom is spiritual by nature…

All great insights into life are insights that transcend the physical world and our mere observations. It’s metaphysical (beyond the physical), and therefore, it often contradicts conventional thinking.

Wisdom is about seeing past the apparent appearances of things.

When you do this, you cannot help but recognize something bigger and greater at work behind everything in life. This tremendous invisible force that some call God is not confined to spiritual thinkers but is the very force of life that flows through everything.

The true meaning of wisdom is having an intimate knowledge of God and the spiritual and metaphysical dimension that will help you see past the appearances of things to reveal a greater meaning behind it all.

One of the secrets for success and inner peace is a definition of wisdom. It reveals that wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you.

Every thought you have will either strengthen or weaken you.

On this deeper metaphysical level of life, your thoughts create your life. Having the ability to ‘see’ and to realize this is what wisdom is really about.

Virtually every spiritual text refers to the power of thought and how we create our lives through our thoughts. This great law, the “Law Of Attraction,” is a controlling law in the universe that dictates what we attract and create in our lives.

Learning to distinguish and then to avoid the thoughts that weaken you will give you a greater sense of power and authentic energy in your life. Weak thoughts like anger, hate, and jealousy always weaken you because it requires a counterforce. Thoughts of love, peace, and joy will only strengthen you because it never takes anything from you; it only ‘adds’ to you.

In this sense, wisdom will allow you to enjoy a greater understanding of inner peace, and it will help you move right past conflict and confrontation.

So often, we focus on what’s wrong in our lives in an attempt to “fix” it.

What wisdom teaches us is to shift from what is wrong to what’s right. Great Philosophers understood that “what you resist persists.” The wise words coming from wise men who understood that what you think about will only recreate itself in your life experience.

The true meaning of wisdom is to have insight that is beyond the obvious.

Learning to see that there is something more significant and bigger at work beyond the surface level of life experiences. This invisible (yet knowable) life force is intimately connected to you and your thoughts.

What you think about expands in your life, and learning to avoid that which weakens you will allow you to cultivate your own authentic power and ultimately create for yourself the kind of life you really want to live.






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