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 “Religion” and “Spirituality” are often times confused by people to mean one and the same thing, but this is truly a mistake! For Religion simply represents man’s obligation to the Higher Presence, whereas spirituality transcends the veil of separation, and brings mankind to the state of becoming “One” with the Higher Presence…

All too frequently we hear the stories of people describing what they call their spiritual experience, and they simply recount their (religious) dedication to their particular church-body. They read scriptures, they sing songs, they attend a church very regularly, they partake of prayer services and ceremonies, and are actively involved in their local church community.

They support the needs of their brotherhood, and are there to lend a helping hand at functions and activities. They share in the financial burdens of the church community by donating money on a regular basis, and help in the care of those who are under duress, injury, or calamity.

Being a part of a “Religious Body” plays an active role in the development of your personal character; it allows an individual to give, and feel Love; and permits us to feel wanted and needed by others.

Obviously! This is exemplary, and helps build within us the very foundation of Faith, and the responsibility of exercising this Faith upon a broader field than just within ourselves.

But we must not be mistaken! This in itself is “Not” Spirituality, it is only the “Foreshadow” of the hidden, and secretive Realm of the Living God.

The church-body is but the classroom!

Church Fellowship is the playing field were we learn to play ball, so to speak…

It is the spring-board that can catapult us upwards and forwards into the Higher Dimensional Realities of God, and other Spirit-Beings, such as Angels, and Spirit-Guides. It is the place where the Holy Spirit works and functions, fulfilling its never-ending act of “Creation”, both in the seen and the unseen.

Spirituality is “Omnipresent”; it exists with or without us!

It does not need us to function, to work, to create, and to connect with the Source of Life, but it is there to help “Us” connect to it if we so choose.

Spirituality is the “bridge” built between the “Altar” within us, and the “Throne” that is in “Heaven”, creating a channel of communication with the Living Heavenly Father and the Angelic Beings of Higher Dimensions.

Most often, the spiritual experience is something that can only felt and witnessed on an individual basis; it is something that takes place deep within your heart, mind, body, and soul.

It is truly a profound experience!

Spirituality opens the door inwards into self-awareness, and self-consciousness.

Here you connect with your own inner-beings; your inner-man, and soul, and the Holy Spirit of God that has the ability to enter into your body at will, and to sing and dance with you as you worship the God that has been found within…

Spirituality is not just a feeling of comfort and contentment.

Spirituality is the out-pouring of “Universal Energy”; it can be felt like an “Electrical Current” coursing through your body triggering an ecstatic release of “Pure Happiness and Joy”; “Un-Bounded Love” for all the exists; for all things that have and contain life…

It teaches us “How” to worship God in the “Truest and Purest” form, allowing us to partake with the “Heavenly Host” as they praise and worship the Living God in the Higher Dimensions of Reality.

Yes! Spirituality is Truly “Omnipresent”, for it is the very context of God himself, expanding into our reality and plane of existence, as he shares himself with his creation…


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Alexander Baghdanov

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