Peace Is Synonymous With God

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Peace Is Synonymous With God

Peace Is Synonymous With God

Finding a proper definition for spiritual enlightenment is quite hard.

Expressing in words the magnitude of this inner realization that we have come to define as enlightenment almost always fails to fully explain the conviction and experience of having that profoundly connected feeling.

The idea of enlightenment is often misunderstood as a goal or a state of mind that you have to reach in order to be truly spiritual. The idea of enlightenment is multidimensional and offers us some great insights into life and our own spiritual path.

To better understand what enlightenment is, let’s look at three great insights about what it might mean.

The first insight is that enlightenment is a higher awareness.

This higher awareness is cognizance of something higher or beyond ordinary everyday consciousness. We all experience life through our senses, and for the vast majority of people, their experience of life is confined to the sensory.

There is, however, another level of life, a level that is beyond the mere sensory experience. God, soul, spirit; call it what you will, is that presence deep within you that is your constant companion in life.

In fact, it is the essence of who you really are.

This higher awareness is about recognizing that you are not just a physical being with an occasional spiritual experience but also a spiritual being having a human experience.

This awareness will help you to see past most of the mundane daily struggles that keep so many people bogged down in an unhappy life. Whenever you are aware of this higher power in your life, you are in an enlightened state. By turning your thoughts to God, you automatically turn your thoughts inwards and become aware of God’s presence in your life.

The second great insight into enlightenment is that the world is the way it is, “because it is the way it is”.

Enlightenment has been described as the quiet acceptance of everything!

When you realize that everything in this universe happens according to divine law, you will have the insight that things don’t just happen and that there are no mistakes in this perfect system. We tend to strive only for ‘perfection,’ and when things do not work the way we want them to, we tend to call it “bad.”

The truth is that underneath our shallow perceptions, there is something bigger and greater at work, and this is why all the great sages were able to remain at peace in the face of great challenges.

They knew that in this world, nothing ever goes wrong.

When Joshua was crucified, he was able to forgive, knowing that even that was part of the perfectly orchestrated universe. When things do not seem to be working for you, maybe there is something else that is working.

The third great insight into enlightenment is probably the most important.

This insight is that every time you are at peace, you are enlightened. Inner peace, although it has very little value in our culture, is probably the most important thing anyone of us can have in our lives.

With a sense of inner peace, you are truly happy and content with your “Self.” In this state, your mind is quiet, and you are connected to God.

God and peace are synonymous; when you have inner peace, you have God within you!

Inner turmoil suffocates your spirit and builds a wall around your consciousness that prevents you from living from your higher self and seeing life with a greater sense of clarity.

Enlightenment is within your reach.

It is not something to attain but rather something you connect with.

It is a state of being where you are united with your true spiritual origin; it is when you are connected with God.


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