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The Egyptians have impacted our culture on almost every level. Some of the greatest geniuses of the last 2,000 years have been taught there, including Christ, Pythagoras and Leonardo Da Vinci. How did this happen, where did all this wisdom come from, and how can we use it today?

The basis of Egyptian wisdom lies in the Nine Eyes of Light.

To the Egyptians, just as we have our physical eyes and body, so too do we have eight other eyes or bodies that allow us to feel, navigate, and create the many astounding feats of technology, science, and spirituality of ancient Egypt that still baffle us today. Using them wisely, we too can navigate and unify all parts of our human and divine selves, culminating in becoming ‘A Shining One,’ a living temple for Spirit to live in.

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To see through all Nine Eyes and integrate them is to experience life through Nine different feelings and perceptions at different moments in your life, in order to reveal the whole you. Most people do not see through more than three or four of these lenses during one day; to see through all of them at different times is to become a multi-dimensional being.

The Nine are not linear: they are holographic. The standard definition of a hologram is that it is a picture composed of a number of small parts, all of which contain the picture as a whole. When we break up the hologram in many pieces, we end up with many small but complete pictures of the whole. Poetically speaking, we can take the ocean as another example of a holographic reality: since the ocean is nothing but water, we can say that the whole ocean is contained in every drop of water found within it. Similarly, a ray of the sun contains the sun itself. A similar situation we find in a seed: the entire structure of the tree is contained in it, and all future generations of the tree are contained in a single seed. An equally striking example of a holographic reality we find in ourselves: every cell of our body contains the complete information about the entire mind-body system. Each of the hundred billion cells that make up the body contains the complete version of the original DNA that was the source of the entire body!

The Nine Eyes effectively create and operate a multi dimensional, holographic reality. You come to “know thyself” by experiencing and becoming the Nine in physical form, becoming “A Shining One,” a temple for Hu, or Spirit, to live in. Each one of us is composed of the Nine different bodies or eyes, and without the knowledge and experiential awareness of all nine, the Egyptian Pathway is incomplete, like a puzzle with pieces scattered everywhere.

The era we are living in now has been prophesized to be the revealing of all secret teachings, with the Egyptian arts and sciences being a big part of this revelation, revealing as they do how to create a “new” type of human being. The Nine Eyes of Light are like nine unique lenses, like putting on a pair of glasses, through which you view and interact with life differently, and create multi dimensionally.

Lens One: Khat/Aufu

Your Physical Body and Its Connection to Light

If we see just through the first lens of Khat and Aufu, the body and flesh, we think we are the body alone and follow what the body want, living solely in the third-dimensional world. As we step into the open, healed physical bodies of Khat and Aufu, we feel their transparency and ability to hold light. This new openness and sensitivity allows it to be informed by the other bodies of light. Our blood, brain, and spine changes, and the many ascension symptoms we experience allow the body to change, sometimes gracefully and sometimes not!

Lens Two: Ka

Your Holographic Connection to Soul

Run on charisma, presence, personal power, intuition, and genetic resonance, Ka is our foundation for health and dynamic well-being, as well as being the first form of the soul that is most easily and readily available to us. The Ka body holds our vital connections to life, our family resonances and their gifts and lessons, and what we emanate, attract, and manifest to us. It is the first step into our multidimensional self, and our energy field, or aura. As we use the Ka, our power and ability to manifest rapidly increases. Everything comes to us. Our dynamic engagement with life in joy aligns with our ability to move, inspire, and transform others. We become connected to the web of life, and we create fluid, open, and clear relationships with all life.

Lens Three: Shew

Your Shadow as a Guardian to Source

The Shew, or shadow, explores and integrates our own subconscious, as well as the collective unconscious. It is the reflection of the world you create. To work with your shadow means connecting to the soul and the other bodies of light. Part of this is a mystical journey, part of it transpersonal, part very vulnerable, revealing and human. As we explore, embrace, and integrate the shadow as a valuable part of us, it opens up all our bodies to receive more light, and we become more loving.

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Lens Four: Ren

The Science of Vibration and Sound

Ren activates when we see the languages and structures of creation through vibrational arts such as sacred geometry, light, sound, color, and shape. Looking at life through these languages means we look at how our thoughts manifest our reality. In Egypt, the names of all things had a deeper significance as each object was seen to have many layers of meaning to it, from the physical form, to the colour form, the geometric form, and the emptiness of all forms. This multidimensional way of viewing every form allowed the Egyptians to create sacred architectures and multidimensional ways of using the powers of sound, vibration, and sacred geometry in order to enter the deepest states of consciousness.

Lens Five: Ab

The Human Heart Conscience, the Heart’s Desires, and Heart Intelligence

The Ab, or human heart, allows us to accept and embrace all that we are, becoming an honourable human being with an open, pure and cleansed heart. Ab is the seat of the still, small voice within; our conscience and our heart intelligence. As we come to think from the heart and feel with the mind, the domination of the mind and ego shifts and we become heart-centered. We feel others suffering, and do something about it from the place of sharing. Our moral values, the selfless and unconditionally giving aspects of our selves, arise from the human heart or Ab.

Lens Six: Ba

The Soul: Connector Between Individual and Universal Soul

Seeing through the soul, or Ba, we connect with, integrate, and embody our soul into our daily lives. We live and manifest our soul purpose, we feel the absolute purity of our soul, for the Ba is the part of us that is free like a bird, soaring without restrictions. It is inner freedom. As we fly with our soul Ba and the divine child, we play with our life and love more and more.

Lens Seven: Sekhem

Willpower, Bliss, and the Fuel for Love

Living through the life force, or Sekhem, we merge the power of life force with our soul to create transformation. This power can create dynamic change, inspiration, and the movements to transform. When Sekhem is unleashed, its fiery power dissolves all obstacles in its way, ruthlessly dissolving all attachments, needs, and obstacles to awakening. As we start to use Sekhem more, we enter more bliss and love in a deep, almost drunken way. We use our willpower to accomplish things, to blast through any and all obstacles in our work or our own healing and growth. We use the power of fire to manifest, activate, and ignite.

Lens Eight: Sahu

The Immortal and Universal Body

Living in the immortal, universal body of Sahu, is to merge with the Breath of Source, to become an embodied Human being, with your feet grounded in the earth, heart open, and head clear and wide open to the stars. As we enter Sahu, the body transfigures in order to contain the higher frequencies of light, and we actually become a different type of human being, genetically, structurally, and consciously different from most other humans. One could say that the Higher Self is Sahu, and as it awakens you become this.

Lens Nine: Akhu

The Shining One

Living in the ninth lens of Akhu or God Consciousness, we live as a conscious co creator with God, yet if we spend too much time in this state we cannot function in the 3 dimensional world. This state is beyond words as it encompasses all life, and that which is beyond manifest creation. The full power of Source manifests in us through the union of all Nine, with Akhu directing and guiding all nine. In Akhu, we simply sit, and Be … nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to be, save a Shining One.

As we integrate the holographic reality of the Nine, multi-tasking in multiple dimensions, not just in one, becomes commonplace. One looks after the children, does the cooking, pays the bills, and interacts holographically at the same time. Time is seen as a form of energy, virtually unlimited. We grasp the essence of a subject, article, or book quickly and access instant knowing. We recognize other languages without having learnt them by working with their energy fields. Symbols and art are used to access other dimensions to download knowledge and increase our feeling /intuitive capacities. What once took months to learn can now happen in days as we learn on multiple levels simultaneously. Our creativity increases exponentially in multiple fields as we tap into vast pools of wisdom lying latent within us, that once were separate, but are now united.

To see through all Nine Eyes and integrate them is to experience life through Nine different attitudes, feelings and perceptions at different moments in order to reveal the whole you. Most people do not see through more than three or four of these lenses during one day; to see through all of them at different times is to become a multidimensional being. This is where humanity is travelling to as we race into 2012 and beyond.


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