The Gift Of Liberation To The Soul

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The Gift Of Liberation To The Soul

The Soul is the Spouse of the Divine Spirit.

The manifest secret of the soul is that it encapsulates within its breast a memory of man’s life experiences; all knowledge acquired by our existence upon our Earth, including occurrences witnessed prior to our birth.

The soul comes to us as a guide of Light.

It incarnates within man at his first breath and is actively present during the first months of his Life. As time passes, the child’s soul endures many kinds of influences that permeate within the etheric life-force-energy, which surrounds them like a pool of water, contained by their aura.

The awakening of the Life of the soul within mankind is the elemental “life of man!”  If we do not live in accordance with what was planned for our incarnation, the being of our soul is wastefully sacrificed; it begins to degenerate in the physical body. This careless neglect pervades into the physical abuse of our minds and bodies and creates a great many sufferings and diseases.

Famous healers and therapists since the dawn of time, the Essene prophets understood those vital components of Life, and work with the unseen spiritual energies that reconnect man with his eternal soul.

As the Spirit of God is pure energy, our souls reverberate to the vibration pulse of its Life.

Harnessing this source’s power opens an unlimited venue of possibility that acts as the channel of communication and builds the link that binds our spirit-self with the Living, Heavenly Father of Life.

One of the most valuable God-given resources on this planet is known as water; water is as essential as Life itself. Almost 80% of our planet’s surface is water and is the primary substance of our earthly flesh. It is this liquid matter that generates the internal dynamo of energy and makes possible the invisible layers of our etheric-body.

The blueprint of the cosmos is bound to each tiny molecule of our entity; the atom’s power fuels our very existence, but it is the water that is the platform that governs the ebb and flow of energy.

The liberation of this water within us is essential; if it is clear, the soul can contact man. If he starts to listen to it, it will allow him to awaken to higher consciousness and bring him happiness and plenitude.

If the thoughts, feelings, and impressions lived by man each moment of his Life are troubled, they would imprint on his soul’s subtle substance until they choke him, and they will live his Life instead of man living it.

It is very rare these days to reach adulthood while keeping intimate contact with one’s soul …

The soul sacrifices itself and becomes a prisoner of the body. Being unable to have conscious contact with man, it suffers. By not finding its place, man becomes lost, and the divine reality cannot come upon Earth to accomplish Light’s work within you.

Liberation comes in the form of Baptism. But, Baptism is no singular event; there are multi-levels, multi-dimensions, and threads that weave in multiple directions simultaneously.

The Essene Baptism involved a daily ritual of purification. Standing in water with a conscious mind, projecting thoughts, prayers, and mantras into the subtle field of both the inner and outer environment surrounding our bodies on a mental and spiritual plane.

The Essenes were called therapists, for they knew the secret of the soul’s emancipation through healthy, clean, and pure water.

Water represents Life, purity, love, harmony, and healing.

Man must learn not to trouble the water of his thoughts, clouding his emotions, feelings, actions, and relationships with negative and depressing energy, which inadvertently unleashes derogatory consequences.

For the most part today, the soul in and around man is polluted by negative thoughts; outside influences linked to a very technological environment: television, visual, and audio aggression’s, conflicts in relationships with those close to us, family and work.

Practicing the unique form of Essene Baptism will allow one to find a more conscious way of Life; this time, the emphasis is turned towards one’s soul. The soul exists within us, as does the embryo within the womb of a woman; great care must be shown to its growth and existence. It requires respect of Life, a nurturing of both love and beneficial sustenance.

The method of the Essene Baptism allows the soul to become the intermediary between spirit and man again. It removes the veil that keeps the soul prisoner. The soul thus liberated is a link with the divine and subtle worlds, a genuine bridge of Light allowing direct access to the divine source, to direct knowledge, to the luminous path that brings happiness.

This powerful method allows one to realize the faults, weaknesses, and shortcomings that afflict their Life, and cause disharmony.

Finding this ideal, “guiding light of the soul”, will allow one to reconnect to the Divine Source in order to find the clarity and purity that the soul needs. We truly carry a soul in us like a woman carries a child. We must take care of it, feed it, allow it to grow and develop.

The Essene Baptism can be lived at different levels according to the degree of commitment and preparation. That is why it is beneficial to do it many times in your Life, to increase the Light of the soul in oneself.

  • The first level allows you to realize that in us, we carry a beautiful light and a purity of the soul. This is a life and a sensitivity that is greater than the physical body; it represents the very Life of the body.
  • The second level consists of realizing that we truly carry a soul in us like a woman carries a child; we must take care of it, feed it, and allow it to grow and develop.
  • The third level consists of being carried by the soul; to be inspired by it and letting it guide our Life, and acting with great certitude, lucid discernment, and a serene good sense.
  • The fourth level is attained when we become one with the soul and are prepared for the union with the Light of the Spirit. This leads us to the vital stage of discipline within the School of Mysteries and releases the secrets of the Kingdom of the Father within us.


The procedure begins by standing in a pool of water, whether the ocean, a river, a lake, a pool, or even your bath-tub; the actual location is irrelevant; the key is peace and quiet.

Meditate with your mind; begin seeking for that most holy being within; find it, greet it, give honor and praise for its gift of Life to you; this soul is as individual and unique as you.

Breathe long, deep, and slow; as you exhale, say the words, “Life.” Allow Life to flow to every molecule of your body. (Repeat this many times)

Then say the words, “Love.” Allow love to enter into every cell of your existence, permeating into your etheric body. (Repeat many times)

Repeat these words: “Forgiveness,” “Purity,” “Holiness,” “Perfection,” “Glory,” “Hope,” “Healing,” “Blessing,” Peace,” Tranquility,” etc. (and as many other beautiful words as you could imagine) and allow those words, thoughts, and feelings to flow through your body.

This is your personal and private moment; take time to make intimate contact with your soul and to help guide her as she makes contact with the Heavenly Creator of Life.

Allow the water to remove all impurities from your body, your heart, mind, and soul, leaving a purified vessel of Life, a most precious tabernacle of glory to God.

Speak to your soul! Tell her that you love her and that you are honored that she has chosen you as the vessel of its abode. The energy of the Earth, in fact, the entire cosmos, will flow through and around you, tempering the bond, as the potters’ clay becomes the beautiful chalice within the kiln.

We are Co-Creators with our Father; our Destiny is within our hands.

Take the steps needed to Create Well!!!




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