The Mark Of The Beast

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Power of the Holy Spirit

This is another one of those amazing areas of controversy; just who is this Mystery Babylonian figure?

The numbers have been speculated on for centuries, sparking numerous debates between believers and non-believers alike.

The questions are limitless and comprehensive:

  1. What could these numeric values stand for?
  2. Do they need to be combined or divided?
  3. Is there a spiritual or physical meaning?
  4. Does it stand for a particular Philosophy?
  5. Does it encompass a specific race of people?
  6. What Cultures does it include?
  7. Is it an individual from the past or the future?
  8. What religion will he come out of?
  9. What religion will he represent? Etc…


I was searching the writings upon the Internet one day specifically looking for an answer to this question, when I received a tip concerning this “Secret Numbers Code”-“666”. It turned out to be an invaluable piece of information.


Following along this tip, I began an exhaustive research studying the ancient writings of the original manuscripts, both of the Aramaic Peshitta, and the Greek New Testament.

What I uncovered has become a find without measure, priceless in value, and changes the reality of the meaning beyond belief.

Once again the Bible Redactors had their Hey-Day.

Was this a topical error? Or was it a blatant attempt to mislead the masses of humanity? Send them on a wild goose chase; again, keep them completely off balance.

They have no need for the truth!!!

But fortunately, there are people who want to know the truth!!! And they place very little regard for the scriptural writings being handed to the masses on a plate of lead. These books of the official Catholic Bible have undergone such massive modifications, and alteration, that it literally is impossible to compare them to the original writings of the ancient Prophets, Apostles, and Scribes of the True God.

Here is a primary example of how the Redactors altered the writings of the Bible, creating a purposeful smoke-screen, masking the truth from us the supposed followers of Truth.

Follow very closely! You will learn the very secret of the Amazing Numeric Code of “666”.

The real secret is, there never was a numeric code in the original documents after all! There was no “666” Code!!! Members of the Catholic Hierarchy have added these numbers, many, many centuries later, in order to hide the true meaning of the Secret Mystery Man of Babylonian Heresy.

Why? It obviously exposed the true identification of this individual, and the fingers do point to the true culprits.

In the original manuscripts written by John, and even in the first centuries of the Catholic Bible, the Secret Code had a completely different meaning. What was written, was the word “SEX” backwards, in other words “XES”. In Roman numerology, the numeric letters, “I”, “V”, and “X” are used throughout to designate a sequence of ciphers, but the “E”, and the “S”, are never used.





VIVIVI=666 or DCLXVI=666

These crypto-graphical numbers were never written in the original scriptures.

So what in the world does the word “SEX” backwards mean, and does it even make any difference?

Of course this is extremely important!!! And yes!!! It changes the persona of the “Babylonian Mystery” man completely.

By changing the letters from “SEX” Backwards (XES) to “SIX” Backwards, (XIS) the emphasis was taken off of the fact, that Prophet John was talking about a Unified Conceptual Philosophical Belief, rather than a particular individual. The finger pointing changed direction completely.

After about the fifth or sixth centuries, the number was changed from the letters “SIX” backwards, to an actual number “6” backwards, then in consecutive centuries, a second, “66” backwards was added, then in our modern Bibles, it has been changed again to become the secret code word, “666” placed in the correct format.

The entire Christian World wonders at this secret numeric cipher; what could they mean? Who is this frightening New “Messiah of the World”, who will bring salvation to mankind, by use of the military’s physical force, political influence, and by persecution?


The term, “Backwards Sex” of course, could be construed in many ways, there is the obvious physical intimation, and then again, the entire context has a specific spiritual connotation, which must be examined also.

On the physical note, let’s take a look at the Roman and Greek Civilizations of the Biblical Era. What was a very common practice, being performed by the largest percentage of the population? A sexual revolution was taking place; sexual freedom for all bona-fide citizens.

Marriage was a thing of the past; and promiscuity was rampant. It was common to have an exchange of sexual partners on a daily basis; most individual slept with somebody no more than one time. But the most aggregate of all actions, was that the vast majority were practicing Lesbians and of Homo-Sexuality. Especially in the upper classes: the rich, the famous, politicians, business-men, military leaders, etc…

When the Catholic Hierarchy was being created, individuals that were by today’s standards, Gay, flooded in by droves. Even the scriptures were altered, to include a specific verse:

Revelations: 14

  1. These are they, which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins.

Depicting the fact that a “True Virgin”, was an individual who was not defiled by sexual union with a woman. If men had sex with each other, this was not considered defiling; but by their standards, they were still considered chaste.

From the Pope, to the very lowly lay-priest, sexual activity was taking place on a regular basis within the confines of their Holy Temples and Monasteries, but it was considered acceptable behavior and un-defiling.


But the greater impact of this Secret Code Word has to do with both the Spiritual and Philosophical implication.

In the Molokan Tradition, our church ceremonies, even the regular daily services, all allude to the Great Marriage Feast of our Lord Messiah, and his beloved “Bride”, the “Church”.  Each and every time we gather together we in essence arrive to the Marriage Ceremony.

If our services attain a high level of “Spiritual Manifestation”, both through the act of “Rejoicing”, and “Prophetic Activity”, symbolically, we are taken into the “Bed Chamber”, and through the “Power of the Holy Spirit”, the “Marriage is Consummated.”

Again, “Symbolically”, we are making Love with our Lord. When we are in “Spirit”, We are “Enraptured in Ecstasy”, during this time the “Seeds of Life” are placed within the “Womb of the Church”, to begin the process of Creation.  This is the true meaning of the “Immaculate Conception” described in the Bible.

Our spiritual seed comes from the Living God; it comes from above; it comes from the head. Our Seed manifests itself through Heavenly Intercourse, through Spiritual and Prophetic activity of the Holy Spirit of God.

Thusly, Prophet John was revealing the Secret of not a Mystery Man, but of a Mystery Religion, and of its Philosophy.  Whatever seed it produces, will not come from the Heavens above, or from the God-Head, but will come from the actions of mere carnal and physical man.

  • What Spirituality?
  • What Prophecy?
  • What Manifest Acts of the Holy Spirit?
  • We Have No Need Of The Physical Manifest God!!!

It all comes from the dragon!!! Lies, Deception, Confusion, Fraud, Turmoil, Chaos…

Instituted not by Love, or Spiritual Love-Making; but by guns, bombs, knives, and swords. The use of force, and compulsory measures designed to take away the freedoms of mankind, especially the freedom of choice.

This is not the act of lovemaking, but brutal rape, designed to demoralize humanity, through degradation and subjugation.

In these Pagan Judeo/Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant  Churches, Intercourse is backwards; it’s all wrong. Seeds are planted, but only through the minds and actions of dishonest, and deceptive mankind.

To this day, because of the ruse perpetrated by False Religion, mankind is kept off balance; fear is their guide; fear of some monstrous Beast/Man, whose symbol is “666”.  An individual that will arise out of humanity to become a world religious leader, whose whole platform will be built upon the fact that he is against the (supposed) True Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Whereas in fact, this Beast/Man has been ruling the hearts and souls of humanity for seventeen hundred years already, through the resurrection of the Ante-Christ of Ancient Rome and Greece; Ious-Zeus-Kris-Stos.

Our Heavenly Father, is a God of Love, and a God of Life. His Religious Platform is founded upon Truth; absolute Truth, which is given to his creation, by Manifest interaction of the True Intermediary, the Holy Spirit. It is the baring of witness; one prophetic action to another, that establishes the validity of every action of mankind. It will reveal the truth of any matter, if we but have both Faith and Trust in this Amazing Gift of God.

I promise you, there is no Beast/Man coming, whose secret code name is 666. Any prophecies of this nature have already come and gone many centuries ago. Yes! The world is in the grips of False Religion to this day; religious beliefs that influence all humanity in one form or another.

But we, the people of the Molokan Faith, do not have to be subjected to this form of mental and psychological rape.

Our unique physiological makeup was created by God himself, as the  “Woman Clothed In The Sun”; bathed in the “Light Of Truth”.  Bask in this Light of Truth, and let God begin to show you who he really is, within your own body and mind, by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

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Alexander Baghdanov

Alexander’s life is truly an amazing one, as he has dedicated it to the pursuit of True “Truth”, and in training future young men and women in the prophetic gifts, opening the doors for each to discover their individual “Prophetic Journey Of Life”…

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