The Seer

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Most prophets can see better with their eyes closed!

The physical eye has significant limitations and usually restricts one’s ability to see the True Truth of any given matter.

Ministers and Elders are given express responsibility to oversee the health and welfare of their congregation. Physical observation reveals little of the crucial facts of a body’s internal organism; many health problems could exist, with very few visible symptoms resulting in total health failure and possibly premature death.

This way, Our Father emphasizes the correlation between human anatomy and the church body, revealing the similar intricacies of human physiology. These include all facets of humanity: mental, biological, etheric, spiritual, physical health, and wellbeing.

Without the particular and vital gift of the “Prophetic Seer,” the Church Elder’s crucial responsibilities could never be fulfilled! The Lord God further instructs the Church that these Gifts must be alive within those who hold the reins of authority and sit in the positions as oligarchs of the hierarchy, for without this specific gift, the church body is left naked and blind.

The Molokan Church, or, I should say, Faith, is unique in that it is one of the very few Christian Sects alive today where these Spiritual and Prophetic Gifts are still alive and active. And yes! There are still a handful of Seers who can work within those parameters.

The Seer is one who could see the Realms of God, as they are revealed to us upon this earth while fully awake, through the Gift of Seeing Visions. This usually occurs during church services, while the Spirit-Dynamo is being activated, both by song and prayer.

Here the spiritually conscious congregation can do much to bring an awakening of the Holy Spirit that can open the doors into the secret dimensions of God, unveiling the light that shines from above.

The perfected Prophet/Seer acts as a receptacle, through whom this light is brought into the church body; it is there while in Spirit that they gaze through the inner eyes of the Holy Spirit and receive visions and go into trances.

How can you develop this ability and begin to experience visions and trances?

These are experiences that each member of the congregation should be experiencing regularly.

Let me first describe what the inner eye of the Spirit is! It is your soul’s internal ability to envision sight through the third eye of your brain: an image, a person, place, or thought, brought to you directly by God himself.

When you invite the Holy Spirit to conduct that process within you, it will lead you into God-given visions and trances. He will cause you to ascend beyond the containment of your physical body and enter into the realms of God.

At this point, all you have to do is follow the images, hear the voices, and rejoice in the majesty of His Presence. Many may find this process difficult to attain at first, but God will help you if you allow time and then practice this process in His Presence.

These Realms do not have easy access; it requires commitment and dedication from those who would like to be called “Children of God.”

Growth and development take time, but there is no specific length of days or years! The balance is measured by your ability to comprehend God’s Mind, recognize his voice, obey his will, and accept the transformation being enacted within you.

Ultimately, that is the goal!

Your transformation into a new entity.

Prayer and Fast are necessary as tools of cleansing and creating humility within your soul; learning, studying, and meditation stimulate the mind into action.

Learn to invite the Holy Spirit into your mind and Spirit. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you so you can hear and see.  The scriptures tell this vital fact, “Blessed are those who can hear and see.”

I believe that this is a minimum requirement before anyone could categorize themselves as being “Born Again,” for this is the ultimate purpose of being reborn; by Spirit and Fire.

As a member of the Molokan Faith, each individual has a tremendous advantage over those who are not. Within our Faith, the Prophetic Gifts are alive and active, ensuring that every individual’s secret prayers could be heard by God and will receive a confirmation to that reality.

The bearing of witness is crucial in each person’s growth and development; by this, you will receive the necessary anointing’s, blessings, guidance, support, instruction, and love, needed to ensure a prosperous and successful journey.

When you yield yourself to the Holy Spirit in this way, He will cultivate your abilities to see and hear through your Spirit beyond the natural. As you return to this place with the Holy Spirit, He will take you on prophetic journeys. There you will have visions and trances that are God induced and will be of great benefit to you in so many ways.

As you grow within your gifts, continually ask God for his presence; and pray without ceasing for wisdom, knowledge, and maturity.

Above all, understand that the Gifts of God are not weapons, nor devices of destruction; these instruments are precious tools of birth and creation. They are for healing, resurrecting, teaching, and ministering; and are vital in the cultivation of many measures and forms of love.



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