The Inner Meaning Of Spirituality

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The Inner Meaning Of Spirituality

One of the greatest testaments to achieving a perfected spirituality comes to fruition once we attain mastery of our own destiny!

Spirituality is a Discipline of Study, which requires un-sequestered attention! There is no casual approach to the commitment needed to undergo proper training. This is a project that commands a lifetime of continual schoolwork, for this is a classroom that can never cease; for there are no limits, or bounds, or end to spiritual growth and expansion.

All of us begin at the same place; there is no way to bypass the first preliminary steps to the prophetic journey of life…

Unfortunately! All to often the student of spirituality comes to stand upon the correct (first) stepping-stones that begins the journey; they grasp the need to become more attuned to a higher state of consciousness; to become aware of “Self”; but they never rise in enlightenment; they never mature in the Prophetic Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and their personal service to both God and mankind goes literally nowhere.

One of the most important aspects of understanding “Self” is the realization that the Karmic Laws of Attraction work in conjunction with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Before an individual begins writing the code to the “Life” that they wish to live, they must have a thorough understanding of the symbolic algorithm of that code; that negative and positive results can and will impact your destiny just by the vibrational frequency that your mind emits from your body.

We must realize that the journey of spirituality is not one sided!

The God of all Life is not our servant that we command like a genie in a bottle!

The God of Life is there to help us attain the level and stature of god-hood, so that we could be the creators of our own manifest-destiny, but this is in itself not a free ride; there are strings attached, as there should be.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are in essence Free for the Taking; once we realize that the Gifts are “Tools of Healing”, which must be shared with all of humanity.

God created us for a divine purpose!

Those who accept this calling, become co-workers in the magnificent project of bringing “Salvation” to the people!

That this salvation comes in different forms and modalities is unquestionable; just observing the state of the masses of the people living on our planet proves the point that problems come in every shape and size, affecting, and afflicting them in diverse ways.

The “Point” being, that humanity, living without spiritual guidance, and spirituality, makes every mistake possible with the dictates of their lives.

But the Discipline of Prophetic Spirituality, raises up the common man to become of the stature of an “Avatar of Hope”; the bringer of “Salvation” to the people who are in need.

The “First Salvation” that all people are in need of, begins with our own physical bodies. We cannot abuse the very temple of our existence; the vessel created to carry the spirit and soul of our very being.

There are rules of conduct that the Holy Spirit demands, before it makes its presence known within our bodies.

There is an outer form of spirituality, which the Holy Spirit of the Universe conducts from the outside! It works as a teacher and guide coming to you while building your ability to understand its language of communication, which is usually manifest through parabolic symbolisms, and allegorical messages.

It first teaches you to become “Receptive” properly…

As the student matures and becomes proficient in their skills, and more purified in the body, mind, and soul, the Holy Spirit begins to enter into your body as a teacher from the inside-out. It begins teaching the student to be a “Giver”, and in essence, the individual becomes “Anointed”, which is a measure of the “Christ-Being”.

The “Anointing”, is in essence a “Certificate of Accomplishment”; a “Diploma” bearing witness to the successful implementation of your spiritual growth, development, and expansion. The “Anointing” is something that can only come to an individual from the Father of All Life, and is transferred into you by the Holy Spirit itself.

But very often, this “Anointing” is witnessed by other, Higher Standing Prophets and Spiritual Masters, and they will “Seal” the Anointing within you with the Laying on of Hands, and Speaking the Words of the Blessing while entranced in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

It is the responsibility of the more advanced spirit-guides to be aware of the progression being made by the novice student of spirituality. The Holy Spirit does reveal the status of each and everyone of us to the Higher Beings, for it works diligently in the preservation of the soul of every human being out there.

It wants us to be successful!

It wants us to achieve “Mastery of our Inner-Man”; our Soul, and our Destiny; and to build a bridge of connection, and Oneness with the Father/Mother of All Life so that we become “Saved” from the adverse affects of this three dimensional reality…

The Truest form of Salvation comes to us once we learn to transcend the veil of separation, and we enter into that place called the Holy of Holies…



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