Babylon Rising Part 23

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The Race Of Nephal

The Race Of Nephal

The secret to the generation of the Nephelim, begins with understanding the proper translation of the Hebrew language.

By biblical doctrine, we are led to believe that the Nephelim are fallen angels who have defied their higher calling as angelic workers within the Realm of the Supreme God; they left their spiritual state in order to partake with the carnality of mankind for the specific purpose of partaking in sexual relations with womankind.

They wanted to know and experience this unique human quality known as sexual procreation, a permission granted by God himself for human proliferation; apparently something not allowed to these (supposed) angelic beings.

The offspring of this mutual intercourse, created a mingling of the genetic qualities of both races, which in effect created a new race of beings called, “Giants” or “Rephaim”; men of renown, wealth, prestige, intelligence, knowledge, and power.

Not only was this a superior race in every sense as compared to the common human, their size alone was frightening to observe, for many reached in stature to the height of fourteen to eighteen feet tall, and lived in excess of one thousand years.

But how is it possible for spirit-beings to assume physical bodies in the first place?

Secondly! Do angelic beings even have the capability to have sexual relations with humans; let alone with each other?

Do they have reproductive organs?

If they do! Do these Angelic Beings partake in Sexual

Intercourse with other angelic-beings within their own celestial realm, as we do in our physical realm?

The sad reality is that the biblical redactors made a blatant, but crude attempt to Mythify the stories of true events that transpired many millennia ago in order to conceal many of the true details from the masses of humanity.

Those people that we assume to be mystical angelic-beings whose first estate was the cosmic realm known as, “Heaven”; that place were the (supposed) “God of all Life” Resides, were actually just extraterrestrial (El-Ian) “Alien Beings”, from another Solar System within our physical Galaxy, known as “Orion”.

“Nephal” in the ancient Hebrew language means Orion!

The “Nephalim”, are Residents of this Orion Star System.

There are many stars and nebulae in the Orion Belt system; several of these stars are known as “Sirius-A”, “Sirius-B”, and “Sirius-C”. Within these star systems are many planetary bodies and moons. The residents of these planetary bodies are known as the Nephalim, and are a humanoid species known as the “Reptilian” (this includes species such as the zeta’s, draco’s, gray’s, tall whites, and myriad of other species that are actually reptoid in form; but also include humanoid species that have been hybridized to include certain genes within their physiology, while retaining the human appearance).

In much the same way that our ancient Genetic Scientists mixed Monkey Genes with our Human Earth species known as the Adama and the Adapa peoples, the geneticists from their planets mingled reptilian DNA with theirs to produce a powerful, (mentally and emotionally) cold-blooded, species of humankind capable of being fierce in warfare, and specifically suited in the domination and conquest of distant planetary bodies.

Many thousands of years ago, these extraterrestrial space travelers had open human contact upon our planet, and they built space stations here on earth to facilitate their space programs. In the ancient country known a “Syria” (note how this still retains the original “Sirius” lexicon) today, is an ancient spaceport known as “Bal-Bek”, which means the “Gateway unto Heaven”.

It appears that the ancient Alien Races had to share our planet amongst themselves, and as we study biblical history, we find that there was perpetual unrest within the hierarchies of the dominating factions as they struggled over territories, earth’s resources, as well as for domination of human slaves.

The Anunnaki Masters were firmly rooted into the middle-eastern countries of Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt, whereas the Syrian races dominated Palestine, and what would be known as Israel today. If we were correct in our research, then it would be safe to assume that the ancient Phoenician and Palestinian, were directly under the subjugation of the Nephalim “Orion-Sirius” Giants.

The Phoenician and Palestinian were the original Canaan tribes of Palestine. The correct pronunciation of the tern Canaan is actually  “Kha’-Non”, which of course translates into our modern English as Canon; and this term explicitly represents, “The Truth”.

This of course bares witness to the fact that they perceived themselves as the “True Rightful Kings” of the Earth. As advanced beings, with very sophisticated technology, superior intelligence, science, education, and culture they were the “Law-Givers” who taught mankind the value of progressive civilization.

Canon to this day means the (accepted) Truth.

“Kha-Non”, also means “The King”!

The “Khanonites” Canaanites were the “True Kings and Law-Givers of the Earth”, according to the Reptilian Syrian Races, that had intermingled with human-kind…

It is these same “Khans” that have dominated the Worlds Political Systems over the last five thousand years, both as kings, presidents, and religious leaders and priests.

Between the Syrian Reptilians, and the descendants of the Anunnaki War Gods vying in a perpetual struggle for world dominance, our planetary residents are continually facing the melee of warfare and political strife caused by their instabilities, and dreams of conquest.

In a further note! The reptilian races most likely have been interacting with this planet much longer than have the Anunnaki war gods, and have been partaking in genetic engineering of the human races for hundreds of thousands of years prior to the onset of the Anak pioneers, and are directly responsible for the earliest fazes of human development and evolution, which include the black and oriental races.

The Anunnaki Scientists came at a much later date, to begin transforming mankind into a new genus by mixing their own DNA into the human body, thereby creating the white Caucasian and Aryan races.

The reptilian bloodlines, are in effect dominating the political scene, through the Jewish Zionist movements of conquest and in the development of the One World Governmental Order, which include the Jewish Nations, of England, Israel, and the United States.

This is the primary reason the Leaders of the United States, have treaties in effect with the Gray Alien races, with common or joint underground military bases and facilities, where ongoing human genetic experiments are taking place for the purpose of developing a new breed of mankind. And of course, for the exchange of technological advancements.

The United States sent archeological expeditions into Egypt in the early 1920’s and 1930’s in order to find any vestige of the ancient Alien Technologies that might be buried in these desert sands.

Deep under the Giza Plains, under the pyramidal complexes are a vast array of buried tunnels and chambers crisscrossing the landscape.

About five hundred feet below the Giza Pyramid, a secret library was discovered which housed about three thousand CD type disks (as well as for functioning computer and communication systems, and elaborate star charts which reveal road maps through the wormholes to the stars) that recorded earth’s past histories going back in time about one hundred thousand years, which of course pinpointed acts and deeds of the Reptilian Races of the Orion Systems on our planet.

It seems that they were the actual original builders of these ancient structures that lie in every country, and continent upon our planet.

The alien species known as the “tall whites”, and the “little grays” are a lower class of being that fulfills a myriad of services unto the higher classes, and is subjected to the authoritarian rule of the Elite reptilian race.

Upon studying the biblical accounts of past Israelite and Jewish history, we discover a continual strife taking place between the peoples of the Middle Eastern countries, nations, and nationalities stemming from the perpetual interference of the supposed Gods of these peoples.

We learn of the constant changing-of-the-guards, if you will, as the Gods came and went from nation to nation. First Israel is worshipping and obeying one god, and then after time a completely different sovereign is trying to force himself upon them, and then after a time a completely new god would show up demanding respect and obedience. It was a never-ending cycle, but in the end, a very powerful, and brutal god gained control over the nation, and it would seem that this rule has endured the test of time.

It is clear to assume that this God is one of the Reptilian Races, for who else but a Lizard-Man would require something as absurd as Male Foreskin Circumcision of his servants and slaves? The purpose of this mutilation of the Human Body was to gain some semblance of a reptilian image amongst the Jewish tribes; in order to set them apart from the rest of the world. (how pathetic can a god be?)


There are many cemeteries in the eastern European Block Countries, that contain hundreds of skeletal remains of these ancient giants; it appears that the vast majority of these died of natural causes such as old age.

There are of course many that appear to have died during conflict and warfare, revealing the strife that existed between the differing tribes and nations.

It is a known fact, that with continuing genetic alterations taking place over several thousands of years, the DNA of the giants began to be watered down to the point that they are no longer distinguishable from the average earth human. The only true telltale sign is of course within the variances of the blood types.

The Nephal or Nephelim, are an integral part of human society even in our modern day and age, being the principal authoritarian power structure of both Church and State of literally every country in the world…

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