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The Anti-Christ

Again! The study of language, “Etymology”, plays an important role in our investigative research.

Just who is this character known as the Anti-Christ?

We naturally assume that this individual is someone who greatly opposes the “Christ Messiah”.

He is against the True Redeemer of Life!

He is “counter tactical”, meaning that he will come to undermine the great work done in the name of “Salvation”!

We comprehend, by Biblical reference no less, that this individual represents an ugly monstrosity; violent and abusive; prone to war, death, and destruction.

From the pulpits of virtually every religious organization in the world, we hear the sermons warning us against the Anti-Christ; the Boogey-Man hiding in the closet who will come out to get all those who have not dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the Christ Messiah known as Jesus Christ.

“Repent” for the “Time is at Hand”!

“The End Is Near”! “Are You Saved”?

Jesus is the “Redeemer”! He is our “Only” Path to Salvation…

Born of the Virgin Mary on December 25th

He turned water into wine during the Marriage Feast!

He walked on Water!

He created numerous Miracles!

He died during the Passover as the “Sacrificial Lamb”!

He journeyed to Hell to redeem the Chosen!

He Resurrected unto Eternal Life…


The rest of the stories we read in the Bible of Course!

This of course is the basic story to our Redeemer Christ known as Jesus, the only begotten Son of the True Living God of Heaven!!!

Until we begin reading the True History of Mankind! Recorded throughout the Epochs of time by our ancient ancestors…

All of a sudden! Our story about Jesus Christ is no longer so exclusive!!!

He is no longer the One and Only “Son of God” that fits within the categories as explained above.

The Jesus Story is no longer exclusive! In fact! There have been about thirty other such individuals throughout mankind’s history, that have replicated to the detail, the exact life of Jesus Christ!

But Again! The study of language is more important here that ever before!

The very Name of our Christ Messiah poses a ambiguous question!

Why is this, (supposedly) “Jewish Savior” of the “Whole World”, given a name that contradicts everything that we would comprehend about a True Son of God?

The very words Je-Zeus Christ simply mean, the “Son of Zeus”…

In Russian, the name is pronounced  “Ious Zues Krist Stos”?

Which of course directly translate as: “The Son of Zues, Anointed by the God of the Sun”.

What an Enigma!!!

This totally defies any logic!!!

Unless we begin to truly study, “Ancient History”…

It turns out that the words, “Anti-Christ” are not utilized within the original Greek Bibles, the tern used is, “Ante-Christ”

The words, “Anti-Christ were inserted during the time of the Great Protestant Reformation, and the Redactors who created the King James Bible, changed the word to, Anti-Christ, to reflect the mood of the day…

The Ante-Christ has a completely different Meaning altogether!

It changes the perspective beyond our very comprehension…

The Ante-Christ exclusively means, “THE FIRST CHRIST”!

It represents the Resurrection of Ancient Pagan Ideologies; a Cosmology of Faith that completely by-passes the Doctrinal View Points of the True Essene Apostles of the People of Israel.

The True, “Messiah of Israel” has long ago been dead and buried into the wilderness sands of time. The Messiah that we have “ALL’” been worshipping throughout the last two thousand years of world history is the “Resurrected Babylonian Messiah”, known as the “Son of Zeus”.

A blending of Cosmologies; that of the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Pagan Jews, and a smidgen of Israelite Esseneism!

A New Messiah, but of course! The First Messiah!!!

A Messiah from many thousands of years prior to the Advent of the Israelite (excuse my Egyptian) Messiah, “Joshua Ben Joseph”

The Pagan Romans have done it again!

Blend the Cosmologies of many religions; especially those of ancient Paganism, into one very unique Ideology of Faith that could unite all the Pagan Nations into One!

One Heartbeat!

One Breath!

One Mind!

One Spirit and Soul!!!

Together we will conquer the World! The Worlds humanities will bow down to our Altars, and will bring no less than Ten Percent of their Wealth to Us…

We will rule over the kingdoms of Man, the Armies will be ours to control…

We will delegate how people will live; and how kingdoms will be divided…

Who will be rich, and who will forever remain poor…

The New Christ Messiah belongs to us!!!

We will market the Gift of Salvation, which will fill our Bank accounts to overflowing…

Every one that agrees with us, and goes with the flow, we will bless with freedoms. All those who oppose, will be ground down into the dirt…

Welcome to the Pagan Church of Rome!

Welcome to the New Babylon Rising…

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