Grasping The Scope Of The Redaction Process

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Are you a Bible Scholar? For the most part, the study of biblical literature has become the very foundation and basis of faith for anyone who considers themselves a “Christian”. People spend a lifetime memorizing each paragraph, stanza by stanza, in the hopes of becoming proficient bible thumpers.

Who else could be more qualified to be a teacher, pastor, minister, or evangelist, but those who known the bible by rote.


Personally, I feel that the study of biblical literature has become completely out of hand, because the true purpose of the Messiah has become completely lost. I am one of those people that has concluded exhaustive research of biblical scripture, I have read each and every verse hundreds of times, backwards and forwards trying to squeeze the very hidden secret messages out of every sentence, and quotation.

My research and study has drawn me to the conclusion, that not one of those biblical books, were written by the prescribed author, as they were penned by their own hands. Everything that exists was written by others, in many cases, thousands of years after the fact, and underwent scribal manipulation of such magnitude that could never be forgiven, given the end results.

I look in my own closet! I have dozens of boxes full of records and files; pages upon pages where I wrote my personal dreams, visions, and prophecies, for my own memory. Over the course of many years, these number in the thousands. Many of these Dreams and Visions do portray a bigger picture, and can be connected to become a larger story. Many of these revelations are instructional, and are given as personal training material in the development of my own prophetic journey in life. Others are prophetic in nature, revealing the detailed intricacies of other peoples lives as they are observed by angelic beings, and by God himself, corresponding to events and issues that are unfolding around their lives.  And then there are those revelations that reveal matters on a Communal scale, that affect not only the church body as a whole, they reflect issues and concerns on a National Level, events to unfold upon our Molokan Nation.

As the years go by, these boxes are accumulating more and more material; imagine for a moment, two or three hundred years from now, somebody with an altruistic motive, working for a specific cause, discovering these boxes of scribal material.

They could have a literal hey-day, bisecting, and dissecting this material for the purpose of presenting a book known in my personal name, that brings credence to the personal theological agenda of that futuristic journalist; whatever the motive may be at that time.

This is exactly how the Bible was written!!!

Lets take for example the Famous Five Books of Moses:

  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Leviticus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy

We have all been indoctrinated into believing that these stories were all written by the very hand of Moses himself, just as God revealed it to him.


But the truth of the matter is that there is not one drop of material within those books as written by Moses himself. It is a historical fact, that these five books were written by scribes of the Jewish Pharisees no less than five hundred years before Christ; more than a thousand years after Moses ever lived.

How were these books compiled? In exactly the same way I described above!

They took a multitude of manuscripts, written over the course of many years, by numerous authors, who simply recorded tidbits of information, many of which were either personal revelations, or were oral histories passed down by family members over many generations. These were compiled, studied, and then assembled to portray a specific message that those scribal redactors wanted to convey; again, a personal agenda.

Today, humanity reads these books as if they were the Literal Word of God, spoken through the very Mouth of the Most Powerful Prophet that ever Lived, who recorded those statement, word for word, to be forever preserved for future generations as The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me God…

While in all actuality, these very scribal collections have produced nothing more than dry desert’s of humanity; people who are as dry as worthless sand that has no literal life within itself.

The true Message of the Holy Prophets of God was “Life”, fulfilled by the Power of the Living and Active Holy Spirit, which would guide each person, individually, upon their own personal spiritual adventure of learning and accomplishment.

The only reason there should ever be a Church, is so that these Prophetically Alive Individuals, standing as true representatives of God and his Spirit, could pass on their own personal spiritual gifts, blessings, anointings, and revelations, to others who are going through the metamorphic stages of growth and development.

The Biblical Scribes are nothing more than dry parched bones, baked by the hot sun of desert heat, that has evaporated any life giving juice from their bodies years ago.

In other words, all that they have provided for humanity is summed up as nothing less that spiritual death to anybody who eats this dry bread of biblical redaction.

Get a Life of your own!!!

Tell me your Prophetic Stories! Your Visions and Dreams! Your Revelations and Prophecies! Your Miracles! Share your Wisdom and Knowledge, which You Learned Through The Holy Spirit! Resurrect and Save those around You, by the Power of the Holy Spirit!

This then will become the Future of the True Word of God, as undefiled by ignorant, naïve, and deceptive scribes of some past world that should have been buried ages ago.

This is not to say, that there are no truths recorded within the Bible. Of course there are truths! The real issue is the underlying message that is being portrayed.

The bible redactors where scribes that worked for the Jewish Pharisees, in regards to the Old Testament, and by the Roman/Greek priests of Pagan Christianity, in regards to the New Testament.

What was their principal message from the beginning of time?

They are the Special Order of Holy Priests set aside from common man to be leaders with unquestionable authority, both over earthly governments, and of religious organizations. The only ones worthy enough to be True Representatives of the Mysterious unknown person called God. The only ones who could communicate with him, and worship him, and for this they deserve to paid very, very, well.

Everything within the Bible alludes to this viewpoint, and everything is structured to defend these positions. The common Man on the other hand has no net worth, or value; he is lost and in need of salvation; and for a price, they will sell you all the salvation that you need…

All of the Doctrines have been doctored!

All of the Dogmas, are bound to a leash!

The Law has been Liabled !

Truth is a commodity that is purchased and sold, and is as flexible as a dollar bill!

It does not require degrees in rocket science to figure things out. The Truth is very plain to see. If you want to be a Bible Scholar, you are free to make that choice; spend your lifetime trying to memorize those verses, so that you could play your verbal chess games.

But if you want to be a Scholar of Truth, then you must begin searching for it, where it has been hidden, in the vaults of the Catholic Church; or in the wilderness, where the True Prophets of God Lived!

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Alexander Baghdanov

Alexander’s life is truly an amazing one, as he has dedicated it to the pursuit of True “Truth”, and in training future young men and women in the prophetic gifts, opening the doors for each to discover their individual “Prophetic Journey Of Life”…

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