On Finding The Kingdom Within!

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These are the Teachings of the Prophetess Mary Magdalena, as given her by the Messiah:


“The kingdom of heaven is not in the sky; the kingdom of heaven is not under the sea; the kingdom of heaven is not under the earth”.

“It is within you, and without you”.

“Ye are the kingdom”.

“Ye are the living sons and daughters of the Living Father”.

“Ye have become One by becoming Two”.

“For in you, the Spirit has become manifest”.

“Do not allow the animal in your nature to consume the Spirit of God within you; but rather, let the Spirit consume your animal nature”.

“Blessed is he who consumes the lion, for the lion becomes man”.

“But wretched is he who is consumed by the lion, for the man becomes lion”. (violent brute animal)

And the Disciples asked Mary, “How shall we live”? And Mary answered!

“Do not be concerned for the things of this world”.

“Do not be afraid”.

“Do not ask what will I eat, or what will I wear”.

“Trust in the Father and Mother of Life to give you bread”.

“As for what ye shall wear, look at the lilies of the valley; are they not clothed with the splendor of Achamoth”?

“ Do ye think the Father cares for them less than for you”?

Yet the days will come when this existence will end, when the worldly heaven around you will pass away, and the spiritual heaven inside will pass away”.

“Do not grieve, for those who are dead have never been alive”! “And those who are living, will never die”!

“What is ‘Living’ within you has eaten away what was dead in you, to give you ‘Life’.”

“But when you become only ‘Spirit’, passing into the ‘Light’, what will you do”?

“On that day, when you become ‘One’, you became ‘Two’. “ “But when your spirit separates from your body, you will again become ‘Two; then what will you do”?

“Remember! That you are not of this world”!

“Ye are ‘Spirit’, and your ‘Spirit’, is you.”

“Do not cling to what is perishable, you are as children living in a field that is not yours”.

“For your body does not belong to you; it belongs to the powers of this age”.

“If they would take your body and destroy it”! “Give it to them willingly; strip off your perishable clothes of flesh, and take on the ‘Cloak of Light’ you Father and Mother have prepared for you”.

“When the time comes to unclothe yourself, be not ashamed or grievous”.

“Be like a child who casts off their garments joyously and tramples them beneath their feet”.

“For then you will see the ‘Son of the Living One’, and you will not be afraid”.

“Do not cling to the things of this world”.

“If a thief would steal your cloak, then give him your tunic also”. “For cloak and tunic belong to the thieves and powers of this world; not you”.

“So give back to them what belongs to them”.

“He who does not leave behind his father and his mother, his brother, and his sister does not love the ‘Son of Man’.”

“You must take up the cross in the way of Joshua”.

“Woe to the flesh that depends on the soul”!

“For the Living Soul, and the Spirit do not care for the things of the flesh”.

“Woe to the soul that depends of the flesh”. “For the souls of those who live by the flesh are dead”.


And the disciples questioned Mary further.

“How should we fast; how should we pray; how should we give alms”?

And she answered them thus:

“Live by the Spirit”.

“Live by the ‘Living Truth’.”

“Clear your minds, and let the Spirit fill you”.

“Do not live by the ‘Law’, which are the lies of man”. “Do not follow lies; do not do what you abhor”.

“For what is ‘Truth’ to the ‘Law’, is all lies to the ‘Spirit’.”

“And what is good by the ‘Law’, is abhorrent to the ‘Spirit’. “

“But all things!” “Which are ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’, are revealed in the ‘Heavens’; nothing shall be hidden from the Holy Spirit within you”.

“Follow the Holy Spirit always, and you will always do what is ‘Right’.”


But the Disciples were unhappy with this reply. They were shocked that she told them not to obey the ‘Law’. They wanted ‘Rules’ to live by. And they asked her again, “Please tell us how we are to fast; how we are to pray; and how we should give alms”?

But Joshua was angry with the Disciples! And through Mary he asked them, “Why do you fast, and pray, and give alms”?

The Disciples replied, “We fast to be purified from sin; we pray to be saved; we give alms for the sake of our spirits”.

And Joshua replied, “If you fast, you will beget a greater sin for yourselves; if you pray, you will be condemned; and if you give alms, you shall do an evil against your spirits”!


These words are preserved within the writings of Apostle Thomas, to show the fact, that he desired that all true Disciples should fulfill all of their actions and deeds under the constant guidance of the Holy Spirit, and not by the black ink of the law.

There should be no binding rules or regulation that are naught but shackles unto the Holy Spirit, and the soul of man. There are to be no pre-conceived concepts of what is right or wrong; of what is true or false; the Spirit is the only entity that knows and understands all truth!

They should give themselves unto the Spirit, and let the Spirit of God work to them and through them.

And the Lord added:

“Do not deny the Holy Spirit the rights of governance”!

“Even if you deny me, or you deny my Father/Mother in Heaven, ye can be forgiven”!

“Even if you blaspheme me, or my Father/Mother in heaven, ye can be forgiven”!

“But he who blasphemes the Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven”!

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