The Levels Of Faith

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The Levels Of Faith

The Levels Of Faith

Water is a figurative symbol representing the Word of God and equally so, the Words of Man.

When we speak, and the primary focus of course is on spirituality and faith, the words that pour from us, flow as the stream of living water.

Water could be living; alive, with life-giving nutrients and cell restoring resonation, that fills our bodies with perfect health and well-being. Water could equally become putrid and noxious to life; full of bacteria, parasites, and life robbing, death and decay.

This of course, is an ample description of the variables that can come forth from the inner wellspring of mankind himself.

We could Heal or we could destroy…

Give life, or steal it away…

We could Speak Truths, or we could deliver lies…

We could Bless and Anoint, or we could curse and rob…

Speak in the Power of the Holy Spirit, or allow Satan to use us…

And I am not talking about the godless atheist, who has no concept of the Living God, I am speaking of the believer. Yes! We can proclaim ourselves holy and righteous! We may observe ourselves and say that we are very acceptable to the Lord; but our fruits may not reflect us as we believe; they will reveal us for who we truly are.

There are three primary levels of Holy Spirit Anointing:

  • Well Water
  • River Water
  • Rain Water
  1. The Well Water Level represents the Born Again Christian who lives under the Mosaic level of Law repentance. This is where God feeds you, and meets your needs while you are on spiritual milk.

It is that miraculous period in your life, where you have nothing, and know nothing, and God opens all doors for your new birth to take place, which results in a new man, while the old man is dying.

You stop looking for hope in all the wrong the places, and begin to taste and see that God is good! You start to feel a spring of life flowing through you; you don’t even know enough of his word to know how this is happening, but you feel alive perhaps for the first time ever.

It is a time to shed the old skin, and begin building a new you, under the guidance and supervision of the holy eldership of God. To become cleansed and washed; to be brought back to the innocence to a time before the sin of the world robbed you of your spirit and joy.

The well level is the greatest witness of the Power of the Blood of the Christ.

  1. The River Level is where a spiritual gift becomes evident within you. This is the seed and harvest level where faith no longer lives by sight. The river level is called your Bethel, a place where your life dies to Christ.

You are now living in Kingdom principles.

You have accepted the Baptism of Water, and the cleansing process has begun removing those harmful and damaging scars upon your soul.

Seeds have been planted; through the watchful oversight of the Holy Prophets, they germinated, and became green with life. After a period time, dedicated to your growth and development, nurturing, and instruction, Faith has begun to produce results. Your Spiritual Journey has begun!

  1. The Rain Level represents Holy Spirit Empowerment, such as described by the double portion of Elijah anointing, where you can begin discerning the truth between the obvious visual imagery, and through spiritual revelation begin seeing manifestation.

Level 1 Anointing at conversion

John: Chapter 4

The Samaritan woman was sitting at the well with Jesus. He said to her, if you only knew the gift of God and you had asked I would have given it to you. If you drink of this water I give you, you shall never thirst again. The well represents the acceptance of the Word of God received from your fellow man, and the infant steps taken to begin your new life under the guidance of Gods Messengers.

Level II Anointing at Redemption

John Chapter 7

If any man thirst let him come and drink. I will give you rivers of living water that will flow from your belly.

This is the Baptism of the Holy Law by those who already believe.

In the Baptism of Water, you begin the cleansing process that is signified as redemption given by the Holy Messiah. The flowing water removes your soiling, and literally takes it away from you life, and memory, so that your soul may rest.

The preliminary steps are taken to begin your training in spiritual prophetic activity, which during this time is being directed to you yourself. A fledgling bird ready to leave the nest, exercises its wings in order to build strength that will be necessary to take flight.

Your well and your river depends on what spiritual climate you are in. Are you fed the True Word of God? Do you spend time in prayer? Do you put the Lord first? Are you walking in Kingdom principles? Are you sowing seed?

If the river is low in your church you’re not going to be able to get down stream very well, and your catch in fishing for souls, or maturing other believers will be small.

It is the responsibility of the Church Eldership, and Leadership to ensure that the River of Gods Energy and Power is Flowing at full capacity. Their anointing and calling is just for this principal, to make the Holy Spirit alive and active within the church environ.

Level III Birth By Holy Spirit

The third level supersedes the first two levels and it is called the rain level. Rain is the live wire of the well and the river. Take away the rain and it hurts the welfare of the both the well and the river.

There are certain activities that you can do in the well and in the river, but you’ve got to eventually have the rain. If you’ve got the river then you have the potential to get the rain.

Zachariah: Chapter 10

Ask of the Lord for rain in the springtime, it is he who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, plants of the field to everyone. Ask and He will give you anointing, especially in the season God wants to bless you. So knowing God’s seasons of blessings is vital. We are living in the latter house of glory and God’s anointing is upon the church and we should begin to expect healings and miracles.

Joel: Chapter 2

Be glad O People of Zion, rejoice in the Lord Your God, for he has given you the autumn rains in righteousness. He sends you abundant showers both autumn and spring rains.

The Mature Power of the Holy Spirit comes through the Anointed Prophets, who reveal God’s True Potential upon mankind and the church. Through them, and by the Works that they accomplish by means of Manifest Spiritual Activity, the land is watered (believing people), and all levels of the salvation process are initiated.

The purpose of the True Anointing, is create new duplicate Christ’s; Messiah Missionaries that have both the Power and the Skill to redeem man for our Father in Heaven.



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