The Name Of God

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We are intelligent people; we are educated; we know how to think for ourselves… I believe God’s name should be something very short, easy to remember and easy to pronounce. What if we called him “Sam”?

The Name Of God

Is The Name of God Truly Important?

Or are we given free reign to call him by whatever name we ourselves invent?

 We are intelligent people; we are educated; we know how to think for ourselves…

I believe God’s name should be something very short, easy to remember and easy to pronounce. What if we called him “Sam”?

It should rather be simple in today’s day and age of computers and mass printing to change the discrepancies’ in the Bible’s. A simple generic name like Sam should find acceptability, even the worst of skepticism of the harshest critics.

Does this seem like a logical perspective, or is this suggestion facetiousness at its worst?

And yet!!! In all reality!!! This is exactly what the world has done; and all of humanity accepts this heinous act of name change without even so much as a question!!!

I would like to bring this to the attention of all people, who call themselves, “The True Believers”.  This statement cannot be taken for face value; you are either a True Believer, or you are not!

Before one could attach this acronym to his or her name, one must be very sure that they truly are a, “True Believer”, otherwise this statement has no merit whatsoever, and it simply becomes a figment of your personal imagination; a badge without honor.

There is no measure of importance, to knowing the details of history; in fact, this is priceless.

To myself, the term, “Spiritual Molokanism” is synonymous with the term, Seeker of Truth”; and a parabolic measure of stature, “Woman Clothed With The Sun”; again, a symbol of being bathed in the, “Light of God”, or true, “Truth”.

Where do we find True Truth, especially in its entirety? When we know the details of history!!!

For example, how many of you have heard the term “Jew”? Of course all of you!!!

How many of you know what that term truly stands for?

Of course, we all know that the term is an acronym of “Judea” one of the Tribes of Israel… Jew is simply the shortened slang version of Judea. A term quite often used in a derogatory syntax, by people who really hate the Jews/Judeans/Israelites.

But again, how do you know that this is the real meaning of the word Jew?

We take it for granted; these are the words everybody uses; we grew up with this slang word; we know of no other meaning. So!!! It must be a short word for Judean Israelite!!!

But the truth of the matter, is that everybody is in error…

Yes! There are twelve tribes of Israel:

These are the official twelve sons of Jacob, by direct linear bloodline descent. And Yet! No one ever, throughout the epochs of Israelite history, ever called the Israelites, Jews. It would be considered totally inappropriate; in fact, it would be classified as an uncalled for derogatory remark.

Let me explain…

The Israelites are a nation thousands of years older than the so-called Jews, and yes, there are a people who are called the “Jews”, even to this day. But it is very important to differentiate between the two.

The people known as the Jews came into existence only Five Hundred years before the time of the Messiah. So who are these people?

Again; pay close attention to history!!!

Six hundred years before the time of Christ, two Nations came to war with the Tribes of Israel: Babylon and Assyria, They literally destroyed the Nation; they tore it down to rubble; the left over refugees where taken as captives to be the slaves and servants of the victors.

This captivity lasted exactly one hundred years. At the end of this captivity, the slaves where released, and given the freedom to return to their country, and begin the rebuilding process.

At this time, there was a spiritual outpouring upon the Prophets of God, and instead of returning back to the country of Israel, the Twelve Tribes of Israel where commanded by the Voice of the Prophets to go to the North Countries, the Lands known today as Russia; the Lands of the Slavs; or Severnia Iberia. (S’Iberia= the Northern Land of the Hebrews)

Millions of members of these tribes grabbed their belongings and possessions, and began the arduous trek into this distant land on foot. History shows that this journey took no less than two long years. The Twelve Tribes of Israel are no longer on the scene.

But a very large contingency left the Persian/Assyrian/Babylonian Provinces to journey to the close-by country of Israel to rebuild it. Who were these people? The “Jews”!!!

And who are these people now known as the Jews???

Remember, these are a Hebrew speaking peoples, in this language, there is no “J” sound; this sound was added only after the Bible was translated into English, in all other languages, the “J: is actually an “I”. In other words the people are actually called the “Iews”, or more properly, the “Ious”

Why was this odd looking name, “Ious”, given to this specific people?

For many thousands of years, going back to the dawn of humanity, as we know it, there was an existing religion, which in essence, was the religion of the world. Today this form of religion is called Mythology, in other words, “Folklore” and the Belief in “Myths”. But in the preceding epochs of time, for thousands of years, this religion was the absolute structure of Faith, Belief, and Religious Worship. In other words, was believed to be true, truth, based on absolute fact.

A Pantheon of God’s, both major and minor, that dominated every aspect of everybody’s life. The one Supreme Deity, the one God of all Gods, was an individual known as Zeus.

Every Nation in the world worshipped the Father God Zeus, and all of the goddesses who were his wives, and the sub-gods, who were his children. Every nation had exactly the same religion, and worshiped the same way, albeit, because of language differences and translation, these gods had different sounding names.

The people that worshipped the God Zeus, were called the “Ious”, in much the same way people today who worship Christ, are called Christians. Again, it is very important to understand language properly. The term Zeus is the English word for that particular God, in all other languages the proper pronunciation is “Ious”

The “Ious” of this time and era, are the People who inter-married with the Babylonians, Persians, and Assyrians; to become a conglomeration of blood-lines and religions.  The True Israelites wanted nothing to do with these people, And I feel, may have been one of the primary reasons that the Twelve Tribes deserted their mother country. It would have been an ongoing relentless, and unnecessarily troublesome era, trying to deal with this difficult and confusing problem.

So instead, they traveled to a new land; a new country; where they could truly begin a fresh new start at nation building.

So where are these Israelites today?  In itself, this is a very complex story, which should be dealt with as a subject matter of its own; I will cover that topic in another article.

For now, we have the issue of dealing with a people known as the “Jew”. A conglomeration of people, who are of mixed inter-racial bloodlines, who have intermingled with the True Israelites, but worship the God of the World, “Zeus”. And these people have returned to the country of Israel to rebuild it into a viable nation once again, but based on what Foundation?

  • A mixture of races
  • A mixture of bloodlines
  • A mixture of religious beliefs
  • A mixture of governmental authority

This melting-pot of humanity, became the nation that was in existence during the time the Messiah was born upon this earth.

A government that was divided through the necessity of keeping the peace because of its inter-racial diversity, and a religious body, that was ruled by a melding of factions, beliefs, understandings, traditions, laws, and commandments.

In much the same way that the Universal Catholic Churches established their foundation, a melding of religious beliefs: Gentile Mythology, Israelite, Jew, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Essene, and many more; joined into one body to become the Modern Day Christian Religion of today.

This is the Mother Church of all Christianity, including the Protestant Faiths. Is this the Church that we modern day Molokani should call our Mother? Of Course Not!!!

And Yet! We have accepted everything that this Church has produced for the entire world, minus a few minor elements…


Ious Sus Kris Stos

Four amazing words, which the entire Christian world utilizes each and every day.

  • Billions of people pray in this name…
  • Thousands of songs and prayers that honor this name…
  • We will receive salvation in this name…
  • We receive blessings in this name…
  • Healings are proclaimed in this name…

But does anybody know what these four words mean?

Does anybody care?

I feel that the True Seeker of Truth should care, and must seek the answer to this Truth!!!


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