Defining Spirituality

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How you define, spirituality for yourself has a big impact on your experience, and also your relationship to this intangible dimension of life that we all long to know more intimately.

On a very fundamental level we can define spirituality as everything that deals with matters of our spirit and our soul, and the process of bringing unification and connection through the various cosmic layers of our being, into union with our Heavenly Creator.

Each and every one of us, has an aspect of ourselves that is invisible and intangible, but still very real. In fact this invisible part of ourselves is the very essence of our lives, and spirituality is about being connected with this spiritual part while being in the physical world.

We all have spiritual experiences all the time…

Spirituality is not just about recognizing these spiritual experiences, but consciously seeking these experiences in order to develop a greater sensitivity to the spiritual in life.

It’s about growing this tiny spark that’s inside each and every one of us to become a more dominant force in your everyday life. By nurturing the seeds of divinity that is inside each and every one of us, you can start to deliberately work with the very “laws” that govern all of life and the physical world.

Everything in the physical world emanates from an invisible source. Spirituality connects you with this profoundly powerful divine force that’s present in all of the universe.

So often we try and change our physical circumstances by “moving things around” in the physical world. The transforming truth about spirituality is that the solutions to our external conditions lie inside.

The outer world flows from the inner world.

When you are connected to your own spirituality, you are connected to the very source of everything in the world. You uplift your world by first transforming and uplifting your own inner world and your inner vision.

The greatest challenge is that many people define spirituality by religious connotations and religion is almost exclusively based on outward experience and conforming to someone else’s rules.

Spirituality is not so much about external observations, but more about inner experiences. It is deeply personal and something that only you can truly define for yourself since these inner experiences are often very hard to fully express in words and explanations.

Since the seeds of divinity are already inside you; (it is the essence of life) hearing the right words may trigger within you your own awakening to a higher level of consciousness. This is a spiritual consciousness that transcends the physical world and your ordinary sensory perceptions of life.

From this point of view, religion can be very useful in assisting you to find your own spiritual center, but religion without spirituality can be very empty and most often it becomes an emotional experience rather than a spiritual one.

For the most part religion is riddled with superstition, rules and dogma; it is predominantly based on someone else’s beliefs and experiences rather the personal experience of God within. It’s a bit like wearing someone else’s shoes – even if it is the right size it feels uncomfortable…

One of the most powerful and useful ways to define spirituality for yourself is to recognize and nurture that divine spark deep within you. As you grow in your understanding of this spiritual dimension, you will be able to transcend the illusion of everyday awareness.

Ultimately! Spirituality is about enriching your experience of life, and to receive a greater sense of meaning, and purpose to that life! Regardless of how you define spirituality, it is that still silent voice deep within.

It is your spirit and it is your constant companion on life’s journey. It is your own personal connection to the higher intelligence that is present in all of life.



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