On Attaining The Higher Purpose

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         On Attaining The Higher Purpose

Many Believers simply become consumers of Gods Presence. They are eager to fill their spiritual hunger through their dedication unto the Living God with Praise and Worship. God does want a Believer to be satisfied, filled and quenched in their relationship with him, but there is so much more.

By beginning your prophetic journey in life, a certain understanding will be brought to your attention and you will soon recognize that there is a higher purpose and fulfillment available to you. The higher place is found in becoming a gateway or portal that releases His Presence to others.

Ask yourself this question!

Will your spiritual life be focused on your personal survival and the maintaining of your relationship with God only, or will you arise into a higher place of giving yourself to Him as a gateway through whom He can release His supernatural Presence?

The very word “Christian” does not simply mean, “One who believes in Christ”, it means to be like “Christ”, in essence a duplicate of him.  When you rise into that place, then there will be an increase of His Presence in your life and through your life for others.

There are many Portals by which we could become true Ambassadors of Christ; the first steps include becoming his Prophetic Messengers who deliver communication between the heavenly realms and man on earth. Once this level is achieved, an individual could then move up into the Hierarchy of Church Eldership, through the role of Ministers of the Holy Priesthood; to become the representatives both God and Man.

I personally believe that this is God’s primary priority today amongst mankind. Before we could ever begin building churches, that minister unto the needs of people, there must be a firm foundation upon which to build peoples faith. The grossest error of all time is that un-anointed men and women enter into the religious arena as leaders and teachers who themselves, have not even begun building their own platform of faith for themselves.

They are proposing a Blind Faith, of an unseen and unknown God.

Christ calls these Ministers, “The Blind who lead the Blind unto destruction”. How can these people lead others upon a prophetic journey of their own, if they have never once set foot upon that path themselves?

This is what God is trying to do in this season. He is lifting people up to their God given destiny in Him so that His purpose can be fulfilled. You too, can be apart of this great work, by developing the, “Inbound Spiritual Portal”.

God has created in every person a spiritual portal; it is a spiritual entranceway that allows them to experience the spiritual Presence of God themselves on a personal level. He gives us the ability to determine when that portal opens or shuts out His Presence. This is why when we turn toward God and spend time in His Presence we experience Him.

Psalms: Chapter 24

  1. Open the ancient gates (portals), so that the glorious king may come in.
  2. Who is this glorious king? He is our LORD, the All-Powerful!

Revelation: Chapter 3

  1. “Behold I stand at the door (gate-portal) and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and we will eat together.”
  2. Everyone who wins the victory will sit with me on my throne, just as I won the victory and sat with my Father on his throne.
  3. If you have ears, listen to what the Spirit says to the churches.”

This portal is a two-way door; not only does He come to you; you can go into His realm through this portal.

  • You can experience His Presence.
  • You can encounter this supernatural power.
  • You can become alive in the Holy Spirit.
  • The Prophetic Gifts can manifest through you.

Learn the procedures to keeping these portals open, so that the truth and fullness of God may completely fill your inner-temple with the light of heaven. With prayer and petition come before Him; openly and ask for visions, dreams and prophetic encounters with Him. Ask that the spirit of wisdom and revelation would be sent to you so that you can know Him, and understand his will.

Creating The Outbound Portal.

This same portal that receives His Presence can also allow His Presence to flow out of you so that others can experience Him. This transfer can include the conveyance of His messages and also the transfer of spiritual experiences.

If you would like to see people healed, saved, delivered from demonic oppression, restored and filled up with the Holy Spirit then this is how to do it; open this outbound portal.

If you would like to operate in prophetic power with confirmation in signs, witnessing, and wonders, then this is the necessary approach. Open the prophetic gateway and release what you have received and what you are receiving at the moment so that others can experience Him.

You will see awesome results because God will stretch His hands out through you. He will speak through you and turn your mouth into a prophetic fountain of blessing to encourage, to build up and comfort those that are standing before you.  God is calling each of us into the  higher destiny.

You are living way below your true potential if you are consumer focused only. Spiritual life, fulfillment and powerful encounters in the Presence of God are awaiting you.


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