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The Holy Spirit As Our Guide


Knowledge is first given to the Holy Spirit!

The Spirit knows and understands the Mysterious and Secretive movement of God.

The Holy Spirit, who is already living on the inside of us, will be the one to transmit this valuable knowledge and insight to us!

The Holy Spirit will thus become your personal guide and teacher in this life. It will be His job to impart and transmit all of this knowledge direct to you once you start to seek after it.

How is this knowledge actually transmitted to us?

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Assessing Your Inheritance


Our First Birth Is Of The Flesh

We are born to physical parents, who assume the responsibility as legal guardians, for the very life and existence of our material entities. But our physical body is only one minor aspect to our existence, within each of us a divine spark, which could actually be described as Gods Force Field and Energy Grid.

This is our Astral Body, which existed prior to our physical birth here in this three dimensional realm. This celestial entity comes from a higher dimension of existence, and resides within a higher frequency, which our carnal physical eye cannot see.
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On Finding The Kingdom Within!


These are the Teachings of the Prophetess Mary Magdalena, as given her by the Messiah:


“The kingdom of heaven is not in the sky; the kingdom of heaven is not under the sea; the kingdom of heaven is not under the earth”.

“It is within you, and without you”.

“Ye are the kingdom”.

“Ye are the living sons and daughters of the Living Father”.

“Ye have become One by becoming Two”.

“For in you, the Spirit has become manifest”.

“Do not allow the animal in your nature to consume the Spirit of God within you; but rather, let the Spirit consume your animal nature”.
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