True Prophecy

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There is supernatural evidence of genuine prophecy?

Prophecy is a phenomenal tool of communication; through this gift, mankind has the ability to enter into the living Realm of God here on earth.

Prophecy is a Voice! It exposes the hidden reality, which is not clearly visible to the naked physical eye. It is the Voice of God speaking unto the core of our souls, revealing its destiny, purpose, condition, maturity, and level of comprehension. Prophecy is the portal that unites the inner-man with the outer; it is the guide that navigates one’s spiritual journey in life.

The True Prophet is the individual who places God at the forefront of all existence, to become the seeker whose goal is the attainment of “True-Truth”. Man, with his simplistic mentality, has devised a plethora of rules and regulations, which define the boundaries of God, as if there are limitations or restrictions upon his majesty or perfection.

But the Lord God laughs at man’s futile attempt to control the Power of the Holy Spirit, which he hopes to gain through the fabrication of elaborate religious services, rituals, and ceremonies; the Spirit does not dwell within those walls.

The Spirit is boundless; it is here and there simultaneously. As it moves upon the waters of our planet, billions of galaxies away, the same breath is inhaled and released. A thought created within the mind of one soul, at once is creating motion upon distant stars. It is the Power of Prophecy that unites those distinct universal districts into a melding of realms. All that exists beyond the horizon exists within each of us; what is above, is also below.

God has given us guidelines so we can discern the supernatural realm. Genuine God given prophetic messages will bring forth revelation concerning the Messiah and His Kingdom here on earth, which include of course, the hidden secrets of man’s life and soul.

Prophetic messages will bring people into a higher knowledge of God through the character of Christ, and will reveal his purpose, and present work, upon the body of the church. The content of a genuine God given prophecy will activate these supernatural realities.

Equally important, is that True God given prophesy should flow out of a messenger whose character also represents the character of God. God does give grace for His prophets as with all true Believers; every Believer is in a process of recreation. Consequently, human flaws are being refined and perfected.

Accordingly, the heart and spirit of the prophetic messenger will be turned towards God and will seek after this transformation process.

The Spirit of Prophecy is likened unto a Two Edged Sword; the double blades slicing simultaneously into both the celestial realms as well as into the physical. This of course does not automatically assign this instrument as a weapon of war and destruction; it must be clearly understood that it is a tool of healing, building, creating, protecting, projecting, and saving; it must reflect the genuine characteristics of our Heavenly Father himself.

Who can truly define the breadth and scope of a prophecy, a quivering arrow shot forth from the breast of man? How shall it manifest itself?  How long shall it take to fruition? Will we see its magnificence?

The super-natural realm of Spirit, moving amongst us as visitor and guest from God! Can it be seen? Can it be heard? Can it be felt?

To be in Spirit, under the Power of its guiding hand; to see through her eyes; to breath with her lungs, to speak with her voice. How can this be described with the mere-mortal language of man?

And Yet! Her Soul Is Bound With That Of Man!

Seek this gift, for it is the Gift of Life.

Seek her caress, and find that salvation which all mankind yearns for. This is that Pearl of great Price! Cast it not before swine to be trampled underfoot, but lift her up as a brilliant light for all to see, feel, and hear; let all be nurtured by her life-giving voice.


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Alexander Baghdanov

Alexander’s life is truly an amazing one, as he has dedicated it to the pursuit of True “Truth”, and in training future young men and women in the prophetic gifts, opening the doors for each to discover their individual “Prophetic Journey Of Life”…

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